It’s Really Happening!

Hello everyone!
My computer charger is broken so this will be a very short post, as I only have a few minutes left on my battery before I have to go track down someone with a charger.

REALLY exciting things in the future:

•This Sunday I’ll be playing with my band at Yardfest, the big outdoor festival that Harvard hosts every year. We (The Nostalgics) are opening for 3LAU, Das Racist, and The Cataracs, which will be terribly fun and tiring!

•Next Tuesday I’ll be going to the University of LaVerne in LA  to compete nationally with the Harvard CUPSI Poetry Slam Team! We weren’t sure if it would happen, but it really is! Check out our website here for more information.

•I’m currently finishing all of my forms for my Study Abroad Program in Paris, France this summer. This is also 100% happening and it is so exciting. I cannot wait to post about my experience this summer!

Okay my computer is going to die, I shall post some more later!



My Busy Thursday


A few hours later…

I’m back! (Surprise.) Anyways what would I like to talk about? (Please feel free to comment with questions or requests for things you’re interested in, wondering about, etc.) This past week has been chock-full of rehearsals for CUPSI and for YardFest, so I’ve been doing a lot of memorizing and having late-night rehearsals; that’s one thing that’s incredibly different from high school, where none of my activities went later than 9pm, and I fell asleep around 10:30. It is odd to think back to the days where 11pm was really late, whereas now I’m still working/singing/slamming around that hour.

Speaking of high school, my two friends who have been living out west are coming to visit me in a week! They’re driving across the country and will be stopping in Boston around the time that Reading Period starts, then they’ll continue home. It’s a shame that I won’t be back to hang out with them for the month of May, but May really isn’t summer in Vermont, and I’m going to have to work very hard during that time so that I have spending money for France and funds to rent (NOT buy) textbooks. Yay, Dorm Crew and Reunion Jobs! I’d recommend doing Dorm Crew for pre-orientation, because you can start out with a lot of money, some friends, and a really good sense of campus. (However, the other pre-orientation activities are pretty cool…but if you’re worried about money at all, Dorm Crew is the way to go.)

This upcoming weekend, I’ll be taking some pictures for The Crimson of the women’s Lacrosse Game. They’ve been doing much better than normal, which is exciting to watch, and makes me want to play lacrosse again! I played lax and field hockey in high school, and was active in a lot of clubs, music, and theater, which I think is the reason I got in here. (All colleges are looking for someone who fits the bill, and they knew I was prepared for this business.) Anyways, I will also be preparing the Reunion, Commencement, and Year-in-Review newspapers for The Crimson during the month of May, so I can chill with my photofriends. (YEAH!) Now all I have to do is make it through exams…ergh. Being gone next week isn’t going to ease the pain of taking exams and boosting my grade, to say the least.

Hope all is well, happy rainy Thursday!


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  1. Mona’s avatar

    Could you please elaborate a little on ‘the bill’? And honestly how do you manage to write poetry, play in a band, participate in other things you’re passionate about AND still keep up (peremptory) good grades? Howww?

    1. Reid’s avatar

      Okay, “the bill.” Here we go. I don’t know what Harvard was looking for, but I do know that it is a difficult school to get into, and they’re trying to get a very diverse, intelligent student body who can keep up with the fast pace. I was specifically talking about that fast pace; Harvard took a chance and guessed that I could keep up with all of the work that I’d have as a student, and they were probably led to believe this because of my very full high school academic schedule (I took courses I wanted to take, and ended up having 10/semester instead of the cap at 8/semester) combined with my very full extracurricular schedule (I’ve had to cut down while here; I was a 2 varsity-sport athlete, did club sports in the off-season, was very active in theater and music, participated in some clubs, and held various jobs throughout all of high school). That’s what I think “the bill” is: anyone who can handle what Harvard is going to throw at you. It has not been easy at all (first semester was pretty stressful) but I have figured it out (kind of). I manage to do all of the things I love by prioritizing and managing my time well. I quite honestly enjoy participating in my extracurriculars a lot more than doing homework, and so I reward myself with a rehearsal/photo shoot/time to write poetry, and I also have only taken classes that I am in love with, so that I can really enjoy my work when I have to do it. Many of my friends do the opposite; they put academics in front of everything else (including happiness), and end up taking much more time-consuming courses, such as sciences and maths that have multiple problem sets per week. I like what I am doing, and would really love to enjoy college instead of being stressed out all of the time… that’s what high school was for, so that I’d get here! Hope that answers your question 🙂

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