Trip to Napa Valley/ October Update

It seems like we have only been on campus for a short period of time, yet we already find ourselves in October! I’ve been in full speed in all areas of my life, so it’s not surprising that the first month has flown by so fast. We are currently in full practice mod, for tennis, which consists of practice, strength workouts, as well as agility conditioning. As for school, we are currently having our first midterms this week.

Harvard Men’s Tennis 2012 Team Picture

Agility Conditioning at the Football Stadium

For tennis, we had our first tournament of the fall, last week, in Napa, California. Here we had the opportunity to play tennis in one of the most beautiful locations I have ever seen. The tennis club was surrounded by trees and wild-life. In addition to the tennis we had several other events to help us explore the beauty of Napa Valley. We were given a tour of a local winery where we learned all the behind the scenes work involved in the wine-making process. In addition to learning about the wine-making process, we stumbled across the owner’s race-car collection. It included several old-school porsches. We also stayed with host families who treated us with great hospitality. Overall, it was a great trip and I hope to return back soon.

Four members competing in Napa Valley

Tour of the winery

The “secret” collection of the owner of the winery


In addition to tennis, school has been going well. I’m taking four classes this semester: Economics 1010, Applied Math 21a, Spanish, and Culture and Belief 22. I am really enjoying my math and culture and belief class, and feel that my schedule is pretty manageable.┬áThe next month will get interesting, as all the sophomores will be expected to declare their concentrations(major). Once we declare our concentration, we will be assigned to advisers who will oversee us in our field of study. It is an exciting time as we start to take more classes associated to our major, and less general classes.

That’s all for this post! I have a couple of midterms this week, and will resume the tennis schedule the following week, as we travel down to Yale for the fall regional tournament.

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  1. Napa Valley Journeys’s avatar

    Thanks for sharing your experiences in Napa. It sounds like an exciting trip with your tennis team, visiting Palmaz and enjoying the beautiful scenery in Napa Valley. Best of luck to you.

  2. student’s avatar

    amazing trip and i want to say that Harvard university is my favorite. every things happened with this university is amazing. thank for sharing new events

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