Happy Halloween!

Hey Everyone! Happy Halloween! I know that early action applications are due in a couple of days so I wanted to wish everyone the best of luck!

School has been going pretty well. We finished our first round of midterms a couple of weeks ago, and our second set of midterms are not for another couple of weeks. This leaves a little more time to engage in school activities. I had the chance attend a couple of Indian Puja’s hosted by the Harvard Dharma club, and I was able to be more involved a club called “On Harvard Time”(OHT). OHT is a comedic club that creates weekly segments about various events both on and off campus. While I have only been to a couple of meetings this year, everyone in the club is really nice, and is passionate about what they do.

The highlight of the week had to be attending “Club Ex” which was a dance show hosted by the Expressions(a Harvard hip-hop dance crew). One of the members of the dance team, went to my high school, so I decided to go to root her on. I didn’t really know what to expect, but every performance was full of energy and passion , and it was a highly entertaining evening.

Expressions Dance Company perfoming

The last couple weeks have also been full of intense practice and competitions on the weekends. We first traveled to Yale and competed at the Northeast Regional Championships. Here, every team in the Northeast brought players so it was a good assessment to see the competition we will face in the spring season.

Northeast Regionals at Yale

After the Regional Tournament, Harvard hosted the Harvard Halloween Invite. Here we played at the Murr Tennis Center against players from Dartmouth, Brown, Amherst, Tufts, and Army. Now, the fall season for tennis is almost over as we travel to Virginia in two weeks for our last tournament of 2012.

Harvard Halloween Invite

While we have been experiencing great weather all year so far, Hurricane Sandy has made its way to campus and has made quite the ruckus. Classes were cancelled, this past Monday, for the first time since 1978. While it seems the storm has passed by here, my thoughts and prayers go out to all the families where the hurricane really caused a lot of damage, such as New Jersey and New York. Hope everyone stays dry and safe.


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    Nice blog! 🙂 You should upload a video of the dance crew!

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    I missed all my course-mate in harvard, i am in Nigeria now chilling with my people,,,,,,Nice share here

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