Happy Valentines Day!

Hey everyone! First of all, Happy Valentines Day! Sorry for a little bit of delay, but I took some time to rest and recover over the break. So, after finals in December, I headed back to Northern California, and enjoyed couple of weeks at home before returning back to the east coast. I came back to campus on January 11th, to start training for the spring season for tennis.

We started off the season by having our annual fitness test of 25 dominators, which are basically line suicides. After passing the test, we enjoyed a couple weeks of intense practice with no academic commitments.

Team picture after passing the fitness challenge

In the last week of January, the tennis team traveled to Oklahoma to compete in the ITA Kick-Off Weekend. In the first match we played Notre Dame and came away with a close 4-3 win. In the next round we played against the top seed Oklahoma and lost 4-0. It was great experience to play two high ranked teams, and it was the first time I had ever been to Oklahoma.

Harvard vs. Notre Dame

Team Yoga in the hotel prior to matches

After the weekend of traveling, we started the first week of classes. For the first week of classes, students have the choice to shop any class they find interesting. At the end of the week you have to submit a form with the final list of classes you want to take. After much consideration, I decided to take Economics 1010(2nd year economics course), sophomore tutorial for economics(which is required for everyone majoring in economics), Spanish Ab, and Computer Science 1. After the first week of classes, we headed to New York and played at the Billy Jean National Indoor Tennis Center. This is the same site where the U.S. Open is held, so it was a great experience. We split our matches with St. Johns and Alabama going 1-1.

Before the break there were several great events worth mentioning. The Men’s Tennis Team hosted a luncheon at the Faculty Club where several professors and faculty members attended. We had a great meal and each professor gave us some advice regarding the rest of our time in college as well as plans after.

Team Luncheon at the Faculty Club

I also attended the Eliot House formal, which is a dance formal hosted by an upperclassmen dorm. I went with the senior captain on the girls tennis team, and we had a great time.

Eliot House Winter Formal

That’s it for this post! Hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day and stay tuned for the next entry!

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  1. Elodie’s avatar

    Thanks for the sharing Shaun, i will follow your updates here too 🙂

  2. Anna De Joy’s avatar

    wish you the same shaun.. how did u celebrate the valentines day…. it was an awesome day i ever celebrated… 🙂 interesting pics posted by you.. love your posts..

  3. Fis’s avatar

    🙁 I sure will. Thanks Shaun

  4. Fis’s avatar

    Hey Shaun! Love your posts, can I have your twitter handle so I can stalk you till eternity? lol

    1. Shaun’s avatar

      Haha, thanks for reading my blog! I’m not active on twitter, so be sure to check back here for more updates

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