Thesis = Done!

Yesterday was a huge day in my undergraduate career: I turned my thesis in!!! After a year of planning, researching, and writing, I finally printed the final product, bound it, and submitted it to Social Studies. The last week of work involved a lot of long days of pushing, lots of coffee, and a number of trips out to lunch to treat myself. After spending Thursday through Sunday rewriting portions of chapters and inputting new data, Monday and Tuesday were dedicated to editing, formatting and spell checking. I got incredibly lucky because a handful of friends – any of them fellow Dunster residents – helped me out during these last days by reading through my draft and finding basic errors that sometimes can be easy to miss. I was so grateful for the help!

At the printer!

Wednesday morning involved waking up early and heading to Gnomon Copy in the Square, where I printed out two copies of my 117 page (!!) thesis. I also printed a bound version for myself, which was a nice way to remember the project. Social Studies gives us binders for the copies we submit, and I walked them to the department office to submit. It was such a relief to finally get them in!

Overtired but done!

Even though I got a nap in yesterday afternoon, I was up and at ‘em early this morning for another momentous day of my senior spring… Housing Day! I know the other bloggers have already and will continue to fill you all in about the details of Housing Day, but it was a blast to do it as a senior and I wanted to share a couple of quick snapshots.

Dunster Moose in front of John Harvard

Probably the coolest moment of Housing Day – all of the House Committee chairs running out of University Hall with assignment letters for the freshmen!

I’m going to keep this post short – time for a good night’s sleep!

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