Welcome to the Class of 2017!!!

Today is a big day in the admissions office: at 5 pm, emails were sent out to the lucky new members of the Harvard Class of 2017. Huge congratulations to those of you receiving good news! This is a really tremendous opportunity and I am so excited that you all have the chance to experience all that Harvard has to offer. Now that I’m at the end of my four years at Harvard, decision day makes me incredibly nostalgic – I know that my time here is coming to a close, which is bittersweet but also makes it even more exciting to welcome in a brand new class. Since it’s the perfect opportunity for me to be a bit sentimental, I thought I’d use this post to reflect back on some of my favorite memories from Harvard. These are in no particular order!

1. The first comes from very early in my freshman year, right after classes had started: I had gone on an orientation backpacking trip (yeah FOP!) and one of my fellow FOPpers had a birthday only days after we got back to campus. At the time, everyone was really nervous about not knowing anybody, which can make celebrating birthdays early in the year really stressful. Who do you invite? How big of a deal do you make out of your own birthday? The rest of our trip figured we’d make this early birthday really fun, though, so we held a surprise party and baked her a cake the shape of Texas, her home state.

Birthdays and FOP!


2. Dancing to disco music in the Science Center. I’m a member of the Crimson Key Society, which runs freshman orientation every year. As upperclassmen, one of the favorite events we run is a screening of the movie “Love Story,” which is set in 1970. To celebrate and get freshmen excited for the event, we host a huge dance party in the Science Center and dress up in 70s gear. It’s totally ridiculous but a really fun way to start off fall semester.

3. Housing Day, freshman year. Of course, this might be a bit stereotypical and maybe goes without saying, but the experience of finding out I was in Dunster House and spending basically 36 hours straight with my blocking group in anticipation was an awesome couple of days in my Harvard career. We basically got run over by the mass of upperclassmen that barged into the dorm room we were staying in, we were all totally sleep deprived from having stayed up late and woken up early, but it was a TON of fun.

4. Blizzard 2013. A more recent addition to the list is the blizzard that happened earlier this semester. Campus normally buzzes with busy students, and everyone has a pretty tight schedule they keep on a day-to-day basis. With the university shut down for the weekend and over two feet of snow on the ground, Harvard students had nothing to do but hang out with each other and enjoy the beautiful winter weather.

5. Presidents’ Day Ski and Snow Weekend. One of my friends lives in Cabot, Vermont and has created a tradition out of inviting her friends up to her house for the long weekend every February. This year, a bunch of us headed up and ended up writing our theses from the comfort of her home, but it was awesome to get off campus!

These are just a few examples of the incredible memories I’ve had here as an undergraduate – so excited to have you all joining the Harvard community next year!

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