Sheryl Sandberg and Senior Gift!

This afternoon I was lucky enough to go see Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook and author of the new book Lean In, speak in Sanders Theater about her work and writing. The event was hosted by the Harvard Undergraduate Women in Business (HUWIB or “WIB”). Sandberg is a ’91 graduate of Harvard College and a ’95 graduate of Harvard Business School, and she spoke to a largely female crowd of college students about being a woman in the business world and her advice about how to reach the top tiers of various professions in America.

It was really fascinating to hear Sheryl Sandberg speak primarily because she herself had come from Harvard College, but also because many of my friends and I will be entering the corporate world come this summer or fall and much of Sandberg’s talk was targeted at our exact demographic. I ended up purchasing a copy of her book and it was scary to see how accurate much of her advice actually was! The audience in Sanders was incredibly receptive to all that she was saying, which I think largely is a result of Sandberg being such a significant role model for young women looking to become successful professionals. Guess you could call me a bit of a “fangirl”!

Sheryl Sandberg in Sanders

My day finished off with a visit to the Senior Gift Launch Party, which was held at the Queen’s Head Pub in Memorial Hall (so basically right under Sanders Theater!). Every spring, each graduating class runs a “senior gift” campaign encouraging seniors to donate to the Harvard College Fund, which usually is about $10 per person. While the dollar amount may be small, the donation is meant to be a gesture in recognition of all that we have benefitted from as college students here. Major resources like financial aid and extracurriculars benefit from funding secured through alumni fundraising and the Harvard College Fund, so Senior Gift is a great first step in recognizing all that we’ve gained from being students here. It was so fun to go with my roommate and have a mini pre-graduation celebration before senior week and commencement!

Senior Gift!

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  1. Kemie’s avatar

    I can’t believe you got a ticket for this! Did you see Drew (Faust) there?! I heard that came out to hear what Sheryl Sandberg had to say.

    1. Jeanie Nguyen’s avatar

      I was there too and the talk was really cool! Similar to her TED talk, but definitely not verbatim! Drew Faust was right in the front and center – it was funny because Sheryl Sandberg asked a series of questions (i.e. have you ever said aloud that you wanted to be President of Harvard College?) to which we were suppose to stand up/raise our hands to and President Faust stood up proud!

    2. furniture’s avatar

      Hi, thanks for sharing.

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