Mower B at Senior Champagne Brunch

We’re getting to the point in senior year when there is a special “senior event” almost every week. The Senior Class Committee (SCC) is in charge of planning a whole variety of activities, ranging from trips to the Celtics to adventures following the Freedom Trail in Boston. This past weekend, SCC hosted the Senior Champagne Brunch in Annenberg, which was a chance for seniors to come back and eat one final meal in the freshman dining hall. Since only freshmen are allowed to eat in Annenberg, the event is a unique opportunity for seniors who likely have not been back in almost three years. More importantly, though, the champagne brunch is a time to reconnect with roommates and dorm-mates from freshman year, as everyone sits with their freshman dorm. For me, that meant spending a fantastic meal with my friends from Mower B – unequivocally the best freshman entryway of 2009-2010.

Mower B, freshman year


My freshman year I was part of a small and very tight knit entryway of 18 students: Mower B. Mower is one of the smaller dorms in Harvard Yard, and is tucked away in its own mini-courtyard. While the dorm may have been a well-kept secret, the community of students living there certainly was not. Mower earned attention freshman year for our high-quality pranks on each other and our excellent athletic abilities: we won the Yard Cup, the freshman intramural championship, despite only having 34 potential participants. Even after freshman year, we have all remained close as an entryway and have stayed in frequent contact over the course of college. Therefore, senior champagne brunch provided a great opportunity to catch up and enjoy one another’s company before the end of senior year.

Our expert decorations, freshman year

To brag on our own behalves, Mower B had a truly excellent showing at champagne brunch: all 18 of us came! While there are many former residents of Mower B that I see around campus on a regular basis, there is a handful that I don’t see as often and it was really nice to get a chance to catch up. We even took the whole event one step further by Skyping our freshman proctor, Peter, who now teaches at Stanford. I’d be willing to bet that we were the only entryway with 100% participation!

Mower at Senior Champagne Brunch (Photo credit: Senior Class Committee)

Peter gets Skyped in

After champagne brunch, we all decided to reminisce a bit by returning back to our freshman dorm for a group photo and a mini-tour of the dorm. My freshman roommates and I all went back to our old room to meet the girls who live there this year – they might have been a bit surprised to see us, but I think they got a kick out of meeting old Mower residents.

Mower B ’09-’10 in front of Mower B!

Freshmen roommates!

Champagne Brunch was an awesome event, and it was great to flash back to our first year at school even for a couple of hours. I’m really looking forward to the huge list of events coming up in the next couple of months!

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    Hi Caroline, I’m Heather and I’m from Nevada (I won’t get too specific :). I’m working on a research project and presentation on a college of my choice, of course I chose Harvard, and I was wondering if there was any advise you could give to me on what I can include in this project (i. e. special moments at the school, how decided to choose your major, etc.; basically anything that I couldn’t find on the website itself). Thank you so much for your time!


    1. Caroline Burke’s avatar

      Thanks for the interest! I would definitely check out other blog entries for other ideas, but a few pretty unique things going on at Harvard include the Harvard-Yale game every fall, shopping week at the beginning of the semester (when we pick our classes), and Housing Day. Those are just a few of the many amazing and unique things happening around Harvard all the time – I’d encourage you to read other blog posts to get more info!

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        Glad you enjoy our blog!

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