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Scott Yim ’13

Hi! My name is Scott Yim, and I’m from Methuen, MA. I’m a senior and proud resident of Quincy House, studying Biomedical Engineering and pursuing a secondary in Computer Science. I am a Peer Advising Fellow (PAF) for freshmen and a campus tour guide for the Crimson Key Society. I also played on the Varsity Volleyball team here for two years. I love photography, trying new foods, hiking, biking, and basically anything outdoors…especially beach volleyball! It’s been a memorable two years at Harvard thus far, and I’m excited to share my experience with you all.

Caroline Burke ’13

Hi! My name’s Caroline Burke, and I’m a senior at the College hailing from Barrington, RI. I’m a member of Dunster House, but am spending this year living in Harvard’s DeWolfe housing facility. I’m a recently declared Social Studies concentrator (yahoo!), but am also pre-med and thinking about pursuing a secondary in Human Evolutionary Biology. Outside of the classroom, I keep myself busy as a member of FOP’s (Freshman Outdoor Program) steering committee, a tour guide for the Crimson Key Society, and an advocate for Project HEALTH. I’m also the co-director of PBHA’s HELP, a volunteer program that works with Cambridge Head Start preschools. In my spare time, I like to catch up on Glee and Grey’s Anatomy, nap, or grab a bite to eat in the Square (Le’s and Noch’s are a couple tried-and-true favorites).

Jesse Sanchez ’13

I am a Latino first-generation college student from San Diego, CA and am currently a senior at Harvard. A Social Studies concentrator and proud member of Adams House, I am very involved with the Latino community at Harvard and have a passion for public service, particularly in Education. I love my culture, I love to perform, and I love giving back to the community in any way I can. Harvard has not only given me the outlets to do what I am passionate about, it has also given me the opportunities to discover new interests and passions. It blows my mind every time I think about my Harvard experience- renowned professors, supportive faculty and staff, amazing friends- I’ve found it all here. And, of course, there are just as many possibilities off campus as there are on campus. After traveling to Brazil and China with Harvard programs this past summer, I decided to study abroad in Barcelona, Spain for the fall semester. The world has a lot to teach you and I’m grateful to have the opportunity to learn. These new perspectives and experiences have been challenging the way I think and I’m welcoming all the change that is sure to come! After all, growth is what Harvard is about.

Caroline Trusty ’14

Hi! My name is Caroline Trusty and I am studying History & Literature with a secondary in American Government. I’m from Baltimore, Maryland (yes, home of the Baltimore Ravens, Superbowl XLVII champs) and I currently live in Eliot House (yes, one of the best houses on campus). I am a Tutor and a Peer Consultant for the Bureau of Study Counsel, helping undergraduate students learn French and helping graduate students learn English. I am also a research assistant for the History & Literature Department, and a fundraiser for the Harvard College Fund. Recently, I also started working at the Harvard Law School as a technical intern.  My interests vary, and in my free time I love discussing everything from historic Supreme Court cases, literature form the French Algerian War, politics on Capitol Hill, to the politics between the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. I just finished a five-semester run as an executive designer for The Harvard Crimson, and now I have a ton of free time to blog about the things going on on campus!

Jeanie Nguyen ’14

Although my vocal fluctuations may give it away, I’m a San Diego native, striving to preserve my tan during the depths of East Coast winters. As a sophomore premedical student, I intend to concentrate in Neurobiology with a secondary in Global Health and Health Policy and a citation in Spanish. I’m employed at the Harvard Decision Science Laboratory as a Research Assistant. Beyond class and sticking EKG probes on human subjects, I’m an exercise enthusiast who has developed a working mental map of Boston via distance running. My predilection for urban life and culture has been satisfied by my volunteering efforts as a youth tutor and mentor, as well as a liaison for the Distinguished Young Women of America scholarship program and the Elks National Foundation. I split my free time between hysterically laughing at corny jokes and pick up lines, craving delectable avocados, and watching trashy reality television…because who doesn’t like a good old fist pump every now and then?

Kate Meakem ’14

Hello everyone!  My name is Kate Meakem (most of my friends know me as Meaks) and I am from the ever-proud Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.   As those of you who followed me last year might know, I am now a junior at Harvard living in Currier House and planning to concentrate in History.  This year I find myself involved in a number of activities including co-directing PBHA’s Elderly 1-2-1, “comping” Harvard’s Women in Business, working at Lamont Cafe, junior staffing Harvard Model Congress, and being a proud member of Kappa Alpha Theta.  In my spare time, I enjoy talking to my awesome blockmates, rediscovering 90s music, watching random Youtube clips, spending exorbitant amounts of time on Facebook, and catching meals with friends that live in different houses.

Kemie Iko ‘14

Hi all!  My name is Kemie Iko and I’m from Fairfax, Virginia (just outside of the nation’s capital).  I am currently a junior at the College, and a proud resident of Pforzheimer House.  I am a History and Literature pre-concentrator (let’s hear it for the humanities!) and I have a foreign language citation in Spanish.  Beyond the walls of a classroom, I am involved in a number of on-campus organizations.  I serve as a tour guide for the Crimson Key Society, and I’m also involved with On Harvard Time and the Business Board of the Harvard Crimson.  When I get a minute to myself, you can find me deeply invested in my favorite television programs or catching up on the latest celebrity gossip and the newest YouTube sensations.

Shaun Chaudhuri ’15

Hi! My name is Shaun Chaudhuri, and I’m from Danville, California. I am a sophomore. I’m planning to concentrate in economics, but I may change depending on the classes I take this year. I am on the Varsity Tennis Team, and also a member of  the Harvard Chess Team. I am also a member of the Student Astronomers at Harvard-Radcliffe(STAHR).  In my spare time, I love challenging the chess masters in Harvard Square, and watching professional tennis on TV. I am looking forward to all the interesting experiences and journeys I will embark on this year!

Sarah Reid ’15

Hello! I’m Reid, Sarah Reid (007 reference anyone?), a sophomore. I’m originally from Central Vermont, so city life is a bit of a  change for me! I’m interested in too many things to decide on a concentration just yet, but I know I want to pursue a track in Mind, Brain, and Behavioral studies. Outside of my varied courses, I sing in The Nostalgics, a twelve-piece Soul/Motown band of awesome undergrads, participate in the Environmental Action Committee (focusing on sustainable and local foods), work for Dorm Crew, and photograph random events for The Crimson newspaper. I am looking to expand into the arts (a cappella? Freshman musical?), as well as any other extracurricular which sounds interesting (i.e. polo). When I’m not doing those things, I write songs on my guitar, study in Widener library, search and find as much live music as I can, and drink lots of tea in a quest to conquer the common cold.

Inesha Premaratne ’15

Hi there! I’m Inesha and I am a sophomore in Mather House, concentrating in Government and Economics. I am from the south (yee-haw!) but I was born in Hawaii (Aloha!) and if that isn’t random enough, take this: I’m a twin sister… and my twin goes to Harvard and lives in the exact same house as me. However, this past semester we decided to “split up” as I pursued an internship in the First Lady’s Office at the White House. Now I’m getting back to Harvard and slowly getting back into the swing of things. Fascinated by the social entrepreneurship world, I find myself traveling quite often to Harvard’s Innovation Lab where I often grab time to work with some teammates on GrowLanka, a social venture we’ve started to help the war widows in Northern Sri Lanka. When I’m not scurrying between classes or catching up with friends, you’ll find me at the Institute of Politics where I chair the Women’s Initiative in Leadership and drool in wonderment at all of the amazing speakers that stop by our campus. And if I’m not there, I’m most probably taking a break at my new favorite spot on campus—the seasonal ice skating rink Harvard has just set up outside the Science Center!

Rob Ledniczky ‘16

Hello everyone! My name’s Rob Ledniczky and I originally hail from England, despite the slighty misleading surname. I was born in Wimbledon, London, the home of tennis, but now live an hour outside in a place called Maidstone, Kent. I’m a freshman currently living in Wigglesworth (the best named dorm on campus) and am almost definitely going to be a history concentrator. Outside of class I’m row on the Men’s Heavyweight Crew team, so most afternoons you can find me somewhere on the Charles river. I’m also a part of the International Relations Council on campus, helping to organise and run Harvard’s Model United Nations conferences, and am involved with Harvard’s European Society – it helps with the homesickness. I spend my spare time watching far too much sport and television, my current addiction being Suits, playing guitar and generally finding excuses not to be working!

From the Admissions Office


Jake Foley, Admissions Officer, A.B. ’08

Hi everyone!  I grew up in Lowell, Massachusetts and came to Harvard as a student in the fall of 2004.  As an undergrad, I concentrated in Government and was a proud resident of Eliot House.  After graduating in 2008 I worked for a TV production company before moving to Lebanon to do graduate work in Middle East studies at the American University of Beirut.  Since then I have been working here at the college reviewing applications and having a hand in crafting the incoming classes to the College.  It has been an inspiring experience to serve on the Admissions Committee and to get to know the fantastic young people that ultimately make this place so special.  Throughout the admissions season I’m here to help with questions, to keep you posted on updates from the Admissions Office, and to bring you Guest Blogger features from across the university.  We look forward to reading your application this year!

Student Blogger Alumni


Alissa D’Gama ’11

Hi! My name is Alissa D’Gama and I am from Tucson, Arizona. Currently, I am a senior in Mather House concentrating in Molecular and Cellular Biology with a secondary field in Psychology. On campus, I am involved with the Undergraduate Admissions Council, the Harvard Premedical Society, The Crimson, Harvard Cancer Society, Student Mental Health Liaisons, The Harvard Brain, The Harvard Undergraduate Research Journal, and Harvard Undergraduate Biological Sciences Society (that was a mouthful!) I also work in a neurobiology lab on campus, volunteer at Children’s Hospital Boston, and help teach several science classes. In my free time, I love reading, traveling, and running along the Charles River—and spending time with my friends and my brother Jonathan ‘14!

Punit Shah ’12

Hi! I’m Punit Shah, a junior in Mather House originally from Albuquerque, NM. I’m concentrating in Social Studies with a secondary in Computer Science; my academic focus lies in the interactions of technology with humans and society. Beyond classes, I’m involved with Harvard’s South Asian Association where we put on the College’s largest student-run cultural show, the Institute of Politics, Harvard College in Asia Program, and The Crimson. I also serve as a Teaching Fellow for CS50: Introduction to Computer Science and as a Pear Advising Fellow for freshman. And beyond all that, I love traveling, photography, and running. I’m also a total news and political junkie.

John Kimani ’14

I was born in Nairobi, Kenya, where I have lived for the last 19 years and am currently a first year student at the College. I am undecided in regards to what my concentration will be (which is a great thing). My strategy is to take as many interesting classes as I can and hopefully get a feel of what would work best for me. In terms of extra-curricular activities there is hardly anything you can think of that is not offered here: I am involved in freshman lightweight crew, Harvard Parliamentary Speech and Debate and Ballroom dancing. I am also a coordinator for the Harvard Financial Aid Initiative.

Natalie Padilla ’12

Hey! My name is Natalie Padilla and I hail from the ever-warm area of Los Angeles, CA. I’m a senior, affiliated with Leverett House.  I’m a Government concentrator with a secondary in Philosophy, currently working on my senior government thesis! On-campus I work for the Food Literacy Project with the Harvard University Dining Services. I’m also the vice president of the Culinary Society and a board member for the Harvard Community Garden. (As you can tell, I’m into food and food issues). I also work with the environmental group on campus, Students for a Just and Sustainable Future. Besides cooking and eating, in my spare time I love to catch up on movies, bike around Cambridge (when it’s not too snowy), and go to concerts in the city. I’m always on the hunt for the perfect soy cappuccino and love an impromptu music-making session.

Shannon Schaubroeck, ‘12

When people ask me where I’m from, I usually shrug and say, “Oh, San Francisco.”  Which is not a lie, but it’s kind of a stretch.  My family is originally from California, but I spent all eighteen of my pre-college years in Africa – Namibia, Tanzania, and finally Kenya.  Being at Harvard has been a huge growing experience, and despite the brutal Cambridge winters, it’s been a joyful time.  I’m an English concentrator, and I hope to study Cultural Anthropology after grad.  To test those waters, I’m partnering with a Radcliffe Fellow in her research on South Africa this year.  Some of my happier pastimes include riding my longboard through Cambridge, playing field hockey with the club team, and going to music shows in Boston.  And as a senior, I’m trying to savor every moment I get to spend with my friends here before graduation!


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