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I can’t believe it’s already the 5th Monday of the spring semester. Have I been keeping track? No, and while I guess I could simply use a calendar and count, the 5th Monday of each semester is widely advertised on campus because it’s the “Add/Drop Deadline” for your course schedule. What this means is that students can add or drop a course anytime before this day without receiving a mark of “withdraw” on their transcripts. The typical semester here consists of taking 4 courses. However, many people decide to enroll in 5 classes for a variety of different reasons: to take an extra course they’re interested in, to fulfill extra requirements, or even just to challenge themselves even more. I mentioned in an earlier post that I put 5 courses on my study card back in January, which is essentially just a list of classes you submit to the College letting them know which classes you are taking for the semester. I write about the Add/Drop Deadline not to bore you, but because I am dropping my 5th course! I mulled over it for a very long time because I really wanted to take 5, but I realized that instead of going to that class and doing all the work for it, I’d rather invest my time into clubs that I’m in or going to the gym or something else that exercises a different part of my brain. That’s basically my excuse for saying that it didn’t end up working out.

Another thing that’s been taking up much of my time lately is summer plans. I’ve been trying to figure out what I’m going to be doing for a while now. There are so many opportunities–traveling, public service, studying abroad, internships, etc. and then there are all the different locations! Well, what city I’ll be in isn’t exactly my choice, but instead something that just comes with whatever program or company I end up working with. Last summer, I was in Cambridge as a General Program Proctor for Harvard Summer School, helping students adjust to life on campus for 6 weeks. I also took a computer science class and got to enjoy the city during the summer months, which was a very different experience than life here during the normal semester.

To celebrate President’s Day Weekend (we have tomorrow–Monday–off from class!), my friends and I had a pizza party in my room with delicious pizza from Pinocchio’s, which is a Harvard staple. Actually, my friend Lina brought all of the pizza from work. She supervises Unit Test grading for Economics 10, an introductory economics course, that is essentially a supplementary educational program designed to help students prepare for their Ec10 exams. Regardless, Pinocchio’s (or “Noch’s” for short) is a restaurant you definitely need to check out if you’re ever around the area!

Pizza from Noch's!

Pizza from Noch's!

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