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I have to echo my fellow bloggers when I say that last week/weekend was surreal, crazy, scary, humbling, and a million other adjectives that cannot really explain how it felt to be so close to some pretty unimaginable events. If you’ve been following the news, you’re probably fully aware of the main events and the indelible impression they’ve left upon Boston. In light of all of the tragic events, however, one thing I will say that my fellow bloggers have either mentioned or alluded to in their posts is that I am so grateful to be a member of the Harvard community. Throughout the entire week there was always a friendly face in the hallways of Widener, an extra hug in the dining halls, or a House Master or entryway tutor available to talk. In a time where the world seemed to make very little sense, Harvard was a place of comfort, refuge, friendship, and family – for that I am truly grateful.

On a lighter note, there were a few fun things going on last week that I’ve been eager to share with you all. The Charles Eliot dinner was on Thursday last week. The Charles Eliot dinner is a meal that takes place in Eliot House each year, celebrating the House’s namesake. The food was delicious and we ate in good company. At the end of dinner a few student residents of Eliot House stood up at the podium to talk about what makes the house special to them. I could definitely relate!


Roommate & Blockmate

I went to the Charles Eliot Dinner with my roommates – as you can see we had a great time!

Salmon Second Course

The second course of the night was this mouthwatering salmon – Yum!


Charles Eliot Dinner

Residents of Eliot House turned up in style to celebrate Charles Eliot.

Another event I got to attend this week was Eleganza. Eleganza is the annual fashion show put on by Harvard students. Tickets are sold to all undergraduates and the proceeds go to the Center for Teen Empowerment – an organization that strives to “empower youth and adults as agents of individual, institutional, and social change.” The fashion show featured clothes by many designers, as well as themed costumes, and stylized dance numbers. With gift bags and VIP seating, the event truly felt like a celebrity-filled night at New York Fashion week. I can’t wait to see what they roll out next year!

Eleganza Stage

This long and intricate runway was set up for the models to strut their stuff!


“Attitude, attitude, pose!”

Well, that’s all for now! Thins are slowly returning to normal here in Cambridge. The semester is coming to a close and summer break is right around the corner…the corner after final papers, projects, and exams of course … 😉

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