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The tickets for the Harvard Foundation’s Cultural Rhythms went on sale this Thursday!  I am happy to report that I got in line as soon as I got out of class in the afternoon, so I am now the proud owner of two tickets to the show!

The Harvard Foundation for Intercultural and Race Relations is devoted to encouraging diversity on campus by sponsoring activities and events that promote cultural awareness.  Although I am not personally involved in the group, I have a few friends on-campus that work as interns for the Foundation.  Culture Rhythms is the Harvard Foundation’s biggest production of the year, and each year the Foundation selects a distinguished performing artist that represents the Foundation’s mission statement, and honor them with the title of Artist of the Year.

There are a bunch of different components to the Cultural Rhythms Festival, including an ethnic-cuisine tasting and a small luncheon in Kirkland House with the Artist of the Year, but the main production is the afternoon performance in Sanders Theatre.

Luncheon in Kirkland

Last year's luncheon in the Kirkland House dining hall.

The show features performances by a wide array of cultural groups on campus, so there will be singing, dancing, and just about anything entertaining.  Moreover, the show is co-emceed by a Harvard Foundation Intern and the Artist of the Year!  To be clear, Cultural Rhythms is exciting in and of itself, but the Foundation has done a great job of attracting well-known and influential Artists of the Year while I have been here at Harvard.  Last year, Shakira was honored with the title…and this year the Artist of the Year is John Legend!

This year's poster for Cultural Rhythms.

This year's poster for Cultural Rhythms, featuring John Legend.

This will actually be the first Cultural Rhythms show of my undergraduate experience.  Last year I went to the luncheon in Kirkland with Shakira, but I didn’t make it to the actual performance.  I was having one of those days and I was too tired to do anything but sleep, so I gave my ticket away to a friend.  At the time I was dealing with my first wave of midterms, and school and health come first!  It was, admittedly, a bitter pill to swallow, but this is my year to redeem myself.  In 2012 I will not opt out of Cultural Rhythms to take a nap… I hope.

Shakira at Cultural Rhythms

Shakira receiving a special gift from the interns of the Harvard Foundation. This was taken at last year's luncheon.

That’s about it!  The show will be at the end of the month, so I’ll be sure to give you all a full report.  Happy Weekend!

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