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If I could pick a birthday month, it would be April! What other month kicks off by celebrating tons of pointless jokes?? If we look beyond the infamous April Showers, I’ll personally confirm that we don’t have to wait until May for flowers – especially at Harvard.

April is essentially the last month of school for students since May consists of Reading Period (a week where classes stop existing so we can study, study, study for the upcoming week of finals) and Exam Week. Therefore, it’s absolutely crucial that we celebrate the end of another AWESOME academic year as an undergraduate. For the most part, people can safely assume that Harvard supports students academically as well as financially, but the institution also makes incredible strides to make our smiling muscles sore.

Speaking of sore muscles, Harvard On The Move, a new initiative, publicized as well as funded students to participate in the annual Cambridge City Run. Since the event took place on April 1st, I was hoping the 5 mile course would be a joke. Too bad they were actually serious. However, it was a perfectly breezy morning run around the nearby and scenic Fresh Pond.

Action shot after the 5 mile run!

Stress is a common theme among not only college students, but also humanity; so I always like to applaud Harvard for providing its students with healthy and effective outlets to counter the negative effects of perpetually compounding stress. Although my confession of love for the month of April is pretty serious, April is also the month that the last wave of midterms goes by just as soon as the new wave of final projects and papers begins. It’s an insanely hectic time of year and this can be manifested by my calendar which has reminders to remind my friends of tasks!

Everyone has a different organizational method just like how everyone relieves stress via varying outlets. Let’s say exercising isn’t your thing, but Taylor Swift really pinpoints all your emotions and makes you feel alive. Committed and diligent students on CEB: College Events Board (just look at their link! The first word is ‘fun,’ and URLs don’t lie!) bring live music right to Harvard Yard for FREE. (As you’re reading this, you should feel like you just won free tickets to Coachella).

On a Sunday in April, Yardfest happens and this year, it’ll be this Sunday April 15. As a sophomore, I’ve only been to Yardfest once and it will definitely stand in the top 25 moments of my life. (Last year, Yardfest was the same weekend as prefrosh/Visitas so the lucky class of 2015-ers basically get to go to Yardfest 5 times!!!! Jealous.) The event begins with BBQ and tire swings and lightens with live performers. My friends and I had so much fun at the concert last year that now, we’ll randomly yell “Yardfest!” at irrelevant times to convey the message that we’re having so much fun! If I haven’t successfully hyped up Yardfest yet, let me just say that I wasn’t even angry that my boots were ruined by mud.

But if you’re the kind of person that would rather not risk your cute ankle boots, Harvard also has another event for you! Eleganza is a fashion show put on by Harvard students for Harvard students, using Harvard students as models! I’ve never personally attended, but I only hear of great things – probably one of the reasons tickets sell out pretty quickly. The function also has a VIP section for student groups and these sections may cost a little bit more, but I’ve been told it’s worth it especially with the goodie bags you get!

I could go on and on foreverrrr about not only April events, but events any time during the year. I’ll never be able to do it as well as these sites though: HarvardEvents & EventPlease

So much to do, so little time – at least this is a good problem to have..?

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Most pity Bubble Boy because of the endless restrictions his environment imposes. But do NOT get that bubble confused with Harvard’s Bubble.

I like to think of the Harvard Bubble as more of a force field, protecting us from the hardships of reality (i.e. non-high speed internet everywhere). In all seriousness, Harvard does its best to secure and defend us from wide ranging dangers such as ignorance, crime, and even our personal lack of athleticism.

Harvard On The Move is a new initiative that strives to rally and motivate all members of the Harvard community – from faculty to students – to exercise regularly as well as take advantage of Cambridge’s majestically scenic suburbia. This semester, the program generously sponsored hundreds of students to participate in the annual Honan 5K race. As an enthusiast of all things free, I eagerly signed up and encouraged my friends to hammer it out with me. Little did we expect that we would add a few more K’s (kilometers) to the race.

On the morning (*cough* afternoon *cough*) of the race, my friends and I scrambled to figure out public transportation to the starting line. As we waited at the bus stop, a dandy iPhone App informed us that the bus was 2 minutes away; yet, 2 minutes later, the bus was magically 26 minutes away. Keeping in mind that the race would officially start in 22 minutes, our confused-angry-sassy countenances helped us come to a consensus, without words, that we just had to run the 2.4 miles to the event in order to start on time – or at least have the opportunity of starting on time. So off we scurried, making wrong turns and crossing every bridge that perhaps looked slightly familiar. We miraculously managed to somehow catch the tail end of the start and we practically instantaneously tapped into our arsenal of adrenaline to sprint pass walking participants as well as the participants being pushed in strollers! As hectic as the start was, most of my friends ran their personal bests and some even placed in our age bracket!

Sweatylicious after the race!

On our return trip back to campus, an important realization came concomitant to our muscle cramps: Harvard Time is an aspect unique to our bubble. The unofficial yet institutionalized policy of starting everything (even exams!) 7 minutes past does not apply to the real world of non-dorm living.

There are infinitely phenomenal things you can take away from Harvard: friendships, knowledge, semi-meaningless acronyms. But one thing I won’t take with me is Harvard Time. Good thing I have two and a half years worth of 7 minutes to do what I please.

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