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Greetings from the snowy sidewalks of Cambridge!

I believe it’s safe to say that the groundhog lied this year when he said that spring was right around the corner. It started snowing Thursday morning and didn’t let up until Friday afternoon. Subsequently, I had “It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas” stuck in my head all weekend, despite the fact that it’s March.

Snowy Street

The snow this week gave me “Nemo” flashbacks!

Irregular precipitation aside, it’s been a pretty slow week here. We’re all gearing up for Spring Break, which¬†is just around the corner, unlike its seasonal namesake. This week, if I wasn’t buried under a mountain of snow, I was buried under a substantial mountain of homework. Papers, midterms, problem sets, and presentations were the name of the game for me. Don’t worry; I’m not complaining – I actually enjoy having a lot of schoolwork to do, especially when it’s subject matter I’m interested in.

A few weeks ago, I attended “Sing It Sisters!” an open-mic night celebrating African American Women as a part of Black History Month. The event was part of the 15th Annual Walter J. Leonard Black Arts Festival. It was funded by the Undergraduate Council (our Student government) and held at the Queen’s Head Pub, on the ground floor of Memorial Hall. Everyone had a great time, and the set list included song performances, spoken word presentations, and some group numbers. At one point, I believe there was a group that attempted to perform the “Single Ladies” dance. I can’t say their execution was particularly successful, but they certainly entertained the crowd.

open mic night singing

One singer performed her own original music! It sounded incredible.

Generally, one of my favorite things to do on campus is attend artistic performances. Last semester, my roommate Kendra and I attended an Opportunes Winter Concert. The Opportunes are one of the many a cappella ensembles on campus. They’re amazing, and each one of their members is incredibly talented. I’ve heard them sing everything from Gladys Knight to Eagle-Eyed Cherry, and their dance moves are always excellently inventive. What’s the best part about the Opportunes? Our very own blogger Reid is a member! Win, win, win.

opportunes concert

The Opportunes were amazing! My favorite song they performed was “Skyfall” by Adele. I always feel surrounded by talent at this school.

Anyway, what’s truly been on my mind this week is the countdown to Spring Break. As much as I love Harvard, there’s nothing like going home for a week to hang out with my family, watch television, shop, and relax.

Stay warm, wherever you are!


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