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If you were anywhere within a five mile radius of Harvard Square this weekend, you probably already know that this was a big weekend for us college students. If the loud thumping music didn’t give it away, the crowds of students all walking towards and gathering in the yard on Saturday evening would have. Two words, two syllables, and a whole lot of fun: YARD FEST.

Yard Fest is the annual free College-wide concert that takes place each year in the Spring in the Tercentenary Theatre in Harvard Yard. For one afternoon and evening each year, Harvard Yard right in front of the Widener Steps ceases to be just a tourist attraction, or a part of the pathway to and from class. Instead, its transformed into a rockin’ concert arena complete with food, friends, and live music available for Harvard College students. The day starts early with Harvard houses, clubs, and organizations on campus hosting a variety of pre-Yard Fest events from BBQ’s to mid-afternoon dance parties. Gates opened at 5:00 PM with dinner and a live show. In addition to the headlining performance, student bands also performed at Yard Fest, including Puttanesca and The Cantab Cowboys. Both bands were great, and one of the members of The Cantab Cowboys hails from Eliot House (my house/the best house on campus), which already makes them a band worth listening to in my humble opinion. The headlining performer was the Top 40 rap artist Tyga.

Yard During Yardfest

People milling about the yard, listening to the music and socializing!

All in all, it was a great Saturday, and the perfect weekend to an already great week. On Monday, I went to the Institute of Politics (what is rapidly becoming my home away from home away from home…) to hear a panel conversation at the John F. Kennedy Forum.  The panel was called “Is America Working? What Business and Government Can Do” and it featured some really big names in politics including Roger Porter, Lawrence Summers, Paula Dobriansky, and Ben Heineman. They discussed the intersection between business and government today, how it has evolved, and what are some of the biggest problems the country faces today as far as employment opportunities and economic growth.

JFK Forum on the Economy

Roger Porter, Larry Summers, Paula Dobriansky, and Ben Heineman discussing the private and public sector and how it relates to the United States Government

Because Harvard College is located in Massachusetts, I have the occasional opportunity (when I’m not glued to a desk at the library) to venture outside of Harvard Square and check out the many sites that the great MA has to offer. This week on Wednesday, I went to the Celtics basketball game!

Celtics TD Garden

Celtics! It’s really too bad that they lost…but the game was FUN!

The team played against the Brooklyn Nets at TD Garden. TD Garden, just a short T-ride away from campus, was packed with Celtics fans there to support the home team. Unfortunately, the Celtics ultimately lost out to the Nets, 101-93. Fortunately, I have no allegiances to either team, so I was able to sit back and enjoy the game.

Well, that’s all for now folks!

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