Guide to Medical Marijuana in California


The medical marijuana space in California is looking as bright as the California sun. Even though California is considered a recreational marijuana State, an estimated 2 million patients currently identify as a medical marijuana patients.

It is important to know how to become a patient in California. A lot of patients get their medical recommendation directly from a marijuana doctor. These marijuana doctors can be found directly on the internet providing certain States. Careful research shows that FadeMD is the market leader in California and easily allows a patient to get a medical marijuana card. Follow the link here for a full breakdown of whether or not you need a California medical marijuana card.

In terms of investment, it is clear to me that the medical marijuana market is not diminishing. With the number of conditions that medical marijuana can treat I think it makes for a great investment for the future. The emerging medical marijuana market is growing into its own. Luxury products in the cannabis space are growing and the diversification of products is apparent with the fact that smoking, in general, can be harmful. Dispensaries are putting forth edibles, vaporizers, and other methods that can be deemed safer and have a tremendous effect on help alleviating the symptoms of patients.

With a lot of federal and state support, I believe that the market is well-positioned for a breakout. However, the most opportunity is for investing at the private level. Dispensaries are reporting record numbers as the black market diminishes. This will create even more opportunities later down the road as medical marijuana doctors get further involved in the market.

With success in the private market, we can fully expect public companies to move in. It might be wise to select public ETFs to get exposure to the broader market in general.

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