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2019 Best CPA Exam Prep Course

It’s fairly impossible to differentiate something as the ‘best’, particularly when it comes to preparing for an exam. Everyone is unique in their study habits and each person learns in varying ways. For someone to purchase a CPA review course simply because it was rated as the top rated would be doing themselves a disservice. A great deal of research needs to go into which exam prep you choose taking into account your individual study habits, learning style, preferences for materials, how you are engaged. This is all crucial in that you will be partners with this packet for many months, weeks, days, and long hours.

When you are comparing your choices of exam preps, you are allowed to do a free trial and it is a great opportunity to test a few of them out to see if they’re the right fit for you before you make a concrete decision.  There are several questions you should be asking yourself as you go through the process:

  • Is this prep the right fit for my particular study personality?
  • Is there enough information included with this review course to allow me to pass my exam?
  • Is this exam review going to be engaging enough to keep me motivated for studying long hours?
  • Are the materials cohesive?
  • Is this exam prep designed in such a way that it will fit in with my lifestyle?
  • Will the material be impactful through until the exam has been passed?

Best CPA Exam Prep Courses

  1. Surgent CPA Review Course
  2. Roger CPA Review Course
  3. Wiley CPAexcel Review Course
  4. Becker CPA Exam Review Course
  5. Gleim CPA Review Course
  6. Fast Forward Academy CPA Review
  7. Yaeger CPA Review Course
  8. MDS CPA Review
  9. Ninja CPA Review Course

Obtaining the best CPA study materials to suit you will be essential to your success in passing the exam. The following prep courses have been ranked among the top for students of varying learning styles and study habits.

Surgent CPA Review Course

  • Instructors for Surgent average 20 years experience of teaching both accounting as well as preparing people for the CPA Exam. This ensures that you get the highest-quality tutors with useful insights and strategies that an average teacher may not be privy to. The video lessons are easily maintained as they are generally very brief holding at approximately 10 minutes.
  • Surgent has updated its system offering a very clean and fresh, user-friendly, intuitive, course.
  • If you fail to pass the exam with the first go-around, Surgent allows you to keep going with the study process. There is no limit to your access to the course materials until the day that you have passed the test.
  • There are 2200 free flashcards available to you whether you opt to buy the full course or not with terms and definitions to help you through the exam prep, available for use with iOS and android devices.

Roger CPA Review Course

  • Roger is actually the key figure in this CPA prep course as he engages you and makes the material interesting so that you want to pay attention and study.
  • Roger is also responsible for creating AICPA-based multiple choice questions as well as teaching each one of the lectures giving of his expertise in the field.
  • This ‘Roger technique’ uses mnemonics along with memory aids in helping you to absorb information which will transfer to the test when it comes time.
  • Ultimately with this exam prep you are given the flexibility to study anytime and anywhere with 24/7 access online, offline access via USB, mobile support, audio lectures, and so much more.

Wiley CPAexcel Review Course

  • Each lesson has been broken down to where they take approximately 30 minutes to complete which makes them more effective if you have difficulty with multi-hour lectures in one sitting. Allows you to cover more material with a faster pace.
  • Analytics are used with this course prep to help you find where you need to improve as far as your study progression.The course focuses on each person’s unique ‘study strategy’ in order to optimize the study plans to achieve success.
  • You can access this course from any location with its ability to be downloaded on multiple devices as well as the availability of a mobile app which allows use of 12,000 study questions and 4000 flashcards if you want to study at a time when you aren’t near a computer.
  • Wiley offers Continuous access along with updates and upgrades that are free until the date that you have passed the CPA exam as well as up to one year after the date you have passed.
  • Same Format As Exam. The Wiley format is designed with the same exact concept as the software that is used for the actual exam. This will aid you when it’s time to take the test as you’ll be completely comfortable with the platform and how to maneuver it.

Becker CPA Exam Review Course

  • Becker provides an abundant library full of educational resources that provide superb quality as well as design with a large media of supplementary study materials to be used for more difficult portions of the test.
  • Learning at your own pace is simplified with just an internet connection to obtain a multitude of features which are user-friendly and stress-free.
  • Students have an option to do their studying via the computer or through a live instructor in real time if they enroll in one of the courses.

Gleim CPA Review Course

  • The Gleim course review covers all topics that could possibly be on the exam and with extensive detailing. With this study guide, you can be sure you’ll have no surprises.
  • This exam prep offers multiple choice questions (10,000) with a range of difficulty out ranking that of the actual exam, making the CPA test seem easy in comparison. This should more than enough to prepare you to pass.
  • There is so much that you receive with this review for the price that it is offered for including the thousands of prep questions as well as sims, lectures on audio, study planner that is customizable along with a personal counselor.
  • Gleim stays current for upwards of 18 months from your purchase date but if you aren’t able to pass the exam within that time by using their materials, they will offer extended ‘access until you pass’.

Fast Forward Academy CPA Review

  • This course is actually the least expensive of the courses by nearly half of what the top three on the list are, so if budget is a concern and you aren’t in need of all of the perks, this is a good alternative.
  • This exam review will cater to each individual student collecting data from practice tests to create customized exams suited to target weaknesses.
  • There is no dedicated mobile app for this review course, however, access is available on many mobile devices including iPhones, iPads, and most Androids.
  • Access for this prep will be granted until the exam has been passed. They offer a 30-day refund pass if the course is just not working for you.

Yaeger CPA Review Course

  • This platform offers an old-school variation on teaching with traditional lecture-style videos inclusive of step-by-step instructions to be sure that you are absorbing the subject matter. There are hundreds of questions using multiple-choice format with instructor guidance providing repetition required for success.
  • For this program you are offered among the top customer support teams with a live instructor hotline which allows you to obtain help from instructors directly while you study.

MDS CPA Review

  • This prep provides superior lectures that are engaging to keep you paying attention with study materials that are interesting.
  • You have the option to repeat for free if you find that you are struggling with the exam.
  • There are 5000 multiple choice questions complete with all explanations and lectures of up to 72 hours.
  • You are given direct contact with Steve Martin if you have any inquiries at all pertaining to the exam.

Ninja CPA Review Course

  • This review course offers audio, study notes as well as a test bank with questions consisting of multiple choice and simulations built as based on the AICPA CPA test questions released as well as the answer key (unofficial).


Once you have made your decision as to which CPA exam prep course is right for you, you should have already determine what type of study personality you have and be developing a process to maximize the simplest, least stressful way the information is going to be delivered via the materials within the kit. In some instances, it is helpful for students to obtain a CPA exam mentor to assist in the process of using the prep as well as to provide you with some motivation.  This is again something that is an individually-based decision. Some prefer to do this process alone.

As far as how much you should study, experts and CPA exam coaches both advise on stiff study hours for the most part. Really, getting 100% on this exam is not going to get you any type of accolade, so putting that type of pressure and stress on yourself during study time is unnecessary.  If you get a grade like that, great. The thing to strive for is a mid 80’s grade. This way you are prepared if there might be a trick question that maybe threw you off. Otherwise, optimize your study time for you. Cut out the excessive studying that you know is not benefiting you. Think about what you are getting the most out of, what is going to be the most relevant, and become efficient with your study patterns. This way you can turn hours of mind-numbing into hours of thought-provoking.

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