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Top 5 Custom Gaming PC Builders

The gaming world has advanced to new heights, surpassing any mark anyone ever thought possible. We’ve turned from the era of Pacman and Galactica, to a world of League of Legends, Dota, and Fortnite. Even the noncompetitive gamers are in need of bulkier systems that can handle their transition into the PC community.

There are many comprehensive guides that can teach any gamer how to build his own custom gaming PC step by step. However, even with these guides, building a PC can be difficult and time-consuming. For most, finding the right parts can be a tricky task as well. That’s why there are companies out there who offer to build your custom gaming PC for you. But which custom gaming PC builder is the best for you?

The Best Gaming PC Builders
#1 – BLD by NZXT
#2 – Digital Storm
#3 – CyberPower PC
#4 – iBuyPower
#5 – Origin

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What Is QSBS And What Founders Should Know About It

A QSBS is a stock or share from a qualified small business, which is defined by the IRC (Internal Revenue Code). To qualify as a small business, they need to have an active C Corporation and when priced at the original cost their assets do not exceed 50 million dollars when you buy the stock or immediately after purchase.

Any stock purchased from a (QSB) qualified small business after August 10, 1993 is considered a QSBS. However, there are certain qualifications that must be met in able to claim the tax benefits of  a QSBS.

  • The one investing cannot be a corporation.
  • The stock must be purchased through the original seller, not a secondary seller.
  • The stock must be bought with cash, money or used as payment for a performed service.
  • The person investing must hold the stock for at a minimum of five years.
  • 80% or more of the corporation’s assets that the stock was purchased from has to be used in its operations of one or more qualified businesses or trades.

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Benefits of Pantheon WebOps

Pantheon is a leading global website operations platform (WebOps) for Drupal and WordPress. Their goal is to build the best WebOps platform available that allows marketing and development teams to have full flexibility, access to, and control over their websites. Pantheon provides “hosting plus agile workflows, website operations tools, and dependable security features” as outlined on their own website.

What is WebOps?

WebOps is a way of managing website, IT, and marketing operations that is often associated with the larger movement of DevOps. DevOps, or development and operations, refers to a collaborative operation environment where development engineers and operations engineers work together as they create their products in order to increase the speed and efficiency of their process and increase production capabilities for their company. DevOps and WebOps are complex ideas in technology infrastructure development and IT, and their definitions and purposes are commonly disputed.

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