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5 Best Lateral Connection Solutions

Preventing sewage from backing up can save you, the home or business owner, from a burst wallet. Having a way to connect your home or business’s sewage system to the city pipes is a must and is a way to get any waste to the proper disposal systems. Some sewage pipes are different sizes from the city’s piping, so how do you properly make that connection?

Through a lateral connection, you can bridge the gap between your personal sewage pipes and the main line for the city. Having a working and efficient lateral connection can save you from any sewage back-ups, line breaks, or root intrusions. These can all cost thousands of dollars if left untreated, and something occurs.

Here we have compiled a list of the 5 best lateral connection solution providers. These companies are some of the best when it comes to making the lateral connection you need. Before we discuss which lateral connection distributor is best for you, it might come in handy to know exactly what it is you’ll be buying.

What is a Lateral Connection?

A lateral connection is, in the simplest terms, a connection between sewage systems. It’s rare to find two sewage systems that are the same size, especially when connecting between home systems and the city pipes. In order to move your waste from your home to the city sewers, you will need a way to bridge this size gap – a lateral connection solution.

These connections help to make the transition of sewage smoother and lessen the chance of spilling out or some form of intrusion. One issue that can be faced when a lateral connection is not the correct fit or has been installed improperly is roots growing into your pipes. Once the roots have entered your pipes, backups can occur, and it can be expensive to replace the systems.

Proper installation should be done by a professional who understands what they are doing. Finding the right lateral connection between your two sewer lines is easy and installing one should be rather easy. The issue comes when the lateral connection is improperly installed, allowing breaches and infiltration along with soil to enter.

#5 ThomasNet

This company is more of a library of lateral connection distributors. Finding the best company can be achieved through this database.


ThomasNet, again, is not necessarily a distributor of lateral connections, but they function more as a library for people looking to find the perfect connector. Their website allows users to search within a specified distance for the perfect later connection distributor. With ThomasNet, you can create a shortlist of companies, and save options to view for comparison later.

We have featured ThomasNet on this list to showcase the library of options they have. They work with independent vendors as well as larger distributors to provide you the best possible connections. While they don’t supply the lateral connectors themselves, they provide you quality information about who does.


  • Library database of distributors
  • Create shortlists of suppliers

#4 LMK Technologies

This company has experience and have been part of the industry for over 20 years. With this experience comes the quality necessary to provide customers with the perfect fit of lateral connections.


LMK Technologies offers some of the industry’s best lateral connectors. They start their practice by assessing the pipes that need the connection and determining the condition of the pipes in question. Once they decided what connector will be necessary, LMK provides you with one of three custom lateral connection options. They include the “T-Liner”, “Shorty”, and “Stubby.”

Each has their own benefits, and each works in different situations. The T-Liner will provide up to 200-feet of connector and works best for T-shaped connections. The Shorty is a smaller and more compact version of the T-Liner. The Stubby is another great option if the pipe deems it necessary. Each type of lateral connection works for your specific pipe needs.


  • Experienced company
  • Custom pipe lining
  • Assessment of the pipes

#3 E/One

This is an environmentally focused company who creates their products with a form of awareness and safety for the environment. The lateral connections they create will lead to little to no environmental harm.


The reason why E/One has been featured on this list is due to the extensive options they present. When searching for a lateral connector, E/One has plenty of options that will fit your specific needs. Their lateral connectors come in the 1.25-inch size and the 2-inch size that will form to the pipe you need. This company focuses on more residential connectors within the home piping system.

The quality of E/One’s products can be attested to by their client base. The solidity of the connectors prevents any form of spilling and will keep your home safe from water damage and waste backups. This, on top of the fact that their products are made with a sense of the environment doubles up to make E/One one of the top lateral connection solutions.


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Secure connections
  • Home oriented

#2 The Lateral Connection Corp.

This company is the name and face of the industry. Their experience and quality has placed them as the biggest distributor of lateral connection products, and they have reason to back up this high praise.


If you’re looking for a lateral connection solution, chances are you’ve come across the Lateral Connection Corp. Their name has become the face of the industry and their products will never leave you wanting more. They provide lateral connections for residential sewer pipes and commercial transition all the same. Their library of products is never-ending, if you need a specific size connector, chances are they have one.

Low pressure sewers, plumbing, irrigation, etc. The Lateral Connection Corp. specializes in it all. Their products are tested and guaranteed to work under any amount of stress or flow. They provide customers with what they need, when they need it.


  • Experience
  • One of the best in the industry
  • Extensive library of choices

#1 InsertaTee

Just as competent as the rest of the list, InsertaTee has one major advantage that puts them at the top: Online customization. The quality of what they offer is only maxed out by the way they will supply it.


InsertaTee’s lateral connection options are some of the highest quality for all of your connection needs. What they will provide you will match the ability of all competitors, and keep leaks and intrusions away. Plus, they offer online customization to find the perfect lateral connection solution for you and your piping needs.


  • Quality products
  • Plethora of options
  • Online customization

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