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5 Best Storm Water Chambers

When it begins to storm, rising flood waters or standing pools of rain become an issue for everyone. Finding a way to disperse this storm water before any real damage sets in becomes a top priority. You don’t want to be caught without a way to get rid of storm water, and a storm water chamber could save you from thousands of dollars’ worth of damage.

Here we have compiled a list of the top 5 best storm water chamber vendors. Each company on this list will provide you with a quality final product that fits your every need. Whether you own a home, a park, or a department store, these vendors have the ability to make the perfect storm water chamber to protect you.

What are Storm Water Chambers?

Before you can decide on which storm water chamber is best for you, first you have to understand what exactly the purpose of a chamber is. A storm water chamber is a series of underground tubes that collect water from the surface and store it for use later, or as a means to prevent surface flooding. These chambers act as a water retention and detention system.

Through a grate on the surface that is connected to the storm water chambers, water is able to get through and into the chamber itself. This helps prevent rainwater from pooling up on the surface and causing damage to roads, parking lots, and yards. With a storm water chamber in place, you help prevent this damage from occurring, and can store tons of gallons of water for later use.

Why Control Storm Water?

Storm water can be costly, especially if left unattended and in a pool on the surface. If storm water begins to rise in your yard, damage can occur to your lawn, killing your grass and ruining your home value. If storm water pools up in a parking lot or road, the water can cause cracks in the pavement and lead to costly repairs reaching thousands of dollars. With storm water chambers, you prevent this pooling from occurring, and in turn, stop any damage from happening.

The storm water can also be used for good once stored in a storm water chamber. Some storm water chambers act as a soil aquifer by sending the water to the dirt surrounding the chamber. This is especially beneficial for farms and yards as the crops and grass will have more nutritious soil to grow in.

Now that we understand the benefits of a storm water chamber, and the necessity to control any abundance of storm water, let’s get into the list. Here we present to you, the top 5 best storm water chambers of 2019.

#5 GeoSolutions

This company prides themselves on soil retention, ground stabilization, and erosion control. They’ve branched into the storm water chamber industry for these very reasons.


GeoSolution’s storm water chambers come in many different sizes and materials. Their products stray from the typical storm water chambers featured on this list but will still get the job done. Their plethora of options when it comes to the materials used benefits their placement on this list as it separates them from the competition.

With four main options for storm water chambers – Atlantis chambers, EPIC Systems, Modular Wetlands Linear, and Storm Trap – GeoSolutions takes one more step in combating erosion due to storms. Their products will keep your roads protected and your parking lots healthy. Their EPIC systems will help yards and farms as it works on a smaller scale.


  • Different material options
  • Eco-friendly
  • Company with a purpose

#4 Stormchambers

A self-proclaimed “low cost, low impact development solution,” Stormchambers is a company that prides themselves on keeping their footprint clean and affordable.


Stormchambers’ products are what you’d expect from your typical storm water chamber. They do the job they are meant to, and they do it well. With Stormchambers in place, you won’t experience any excess storm water piling up on the surface. The storm water chambers will capture the water and the retention/detention system of the tubing will help purify and clean the water through a process of sediment traps.

These sediment traps are what place Stormchambers on this list. They are a filtration system that this company employs to keep the storm water caught in their chambers clean and ready for further use elsewhere. The water can be used for residential purposes such as plant water, bath water, and drinking water.


  • Low cost
  • Quick installation
  • Purifies the water

#3 Contech ChamberMaxx

This company has experience in this field and has been in practice for over a century. While they specialize in storm water chambers, they have plenty more to offer.


Contech’s storm water chamber systems are known affectionately as the ChamberMaxx. The ChamberMaxx promises effective water runoff and storm water retention with a low environmental footprint. The systems employed by ChamberMaxx are some of the largest on this list and will hold plenty of storm water to meet any water runoff requirements in your area.

ChamberMaxx utilizes subsurface infiltration, which allows for more preserved space for development. The amount of space taken up by the ChamberMaxx will truly benefit the environment around as it allows for more green to grow, while protecting that life from the dangers of pooling storm water.


  • Eco-friendly
  • Allows for green development
  • Subsurface infiltration

#2 CULTEC Storm water Systems

CULTEC has found the answer for combating storm water. This company creates a product that will not only prevent storm water damage but use the pools of water for your advantage.


This storm water chamber is backed by the EPA and the IAPMO for its environmental benefits and storm water runoff prevention abilities. CULTEC’s product can be used both commercially and personally as it comes in multiple sizes. The larger sizes are perfect for parking lots and road protection, while the smaller sizes will keep water from pooling in your yard.

This storm water chamber speaks mostly for its benefits of usage. Keep the surrounding soil fresh and clean, control infiltration to the ground, and prevent mosquito breeding grounds. CULTEC’s storm water chambers will provide as many benefits as storm water can give you, while keeping any damage that could have occurred at zero.


  • Residential and commercial use
  • Backed by the EPA and IAPMO
  • Allows for green development

#1 StormTech

This company is the modern epitome of storm water chambers. They have moved to the digital age and taken the storm water chamber industry with them.


StormTech’s chambers come in all sizes for any type of project. You can design the storm water chambers yourself through their online project creator, keeping your product at your specifications. The storm water chambers can be used for both residential and commercial use so your yard will be as safe as your parking lots.

Their products are cost-effective, so you don’t spend everything trying to protect your land. They don’t want to push away the customers who value protecting the earth and storing water, so they keep their prices low to encourage development. The StormTech storm water chambers keep space to a minimum, so green development can be encouraged.


  • Online project customization
  • Encourage green development
  • Cost-effective

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