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History is a key component to fully understanding ourselves and others. It provides insight into how we have come to live today as well as giving an inside look at other cultures across the globe. History lengthens our understanding of human interaction and expands our perspective of what if means to be culturally aware. Since we have not yet invented the time machine to study the past, antiques and memorabilia are the next best thing. Examining items from eras long ago is one of the only methods we possess to realistically put ourselves into the mindset of our forefathers. The following items are not only ideal for collectors but also allow lifetime lovers of history an exclusive view of the changing times.   


TITANIC First Sailing Maiden Voyage Notice Poster


Travel back to 1912 as the White Star Fleet welcomes audiences to witness the Titanic’s maiden voyage hailing from a New York City pier. We all know the tragic movie tale each joining a choir of melancholy viewers yelling at Rose to “Never let go.” Yet some of us forget that the Titanic story was inspired by real-life. This poster shines a light on the unforgettable series of events and is sure to inspire conversation wherever placed. Aged parchment adds an authentic look and feel accentuating this important moment in history. Take care to display in safe lighting to avoid fading or place in a complementing frame for extra protection. This is a must for every history buffs collection.       


1000 Buttons From the 60’s 70’s 80’s


Clip-on buttons were highly popular from the 1850’s all the way up to the present day. Today they are still in use for advertising new products and bands to showing support for political and other statements. In the ’60s through the ’80s buttons were used as an extension of your own likes or beliefs. There was a clip-on for everything from politics to pop culture and everything in between. With this extensive collection of vintage buttons, you can see first hand how things changed throughout the ages. Still in functioning order, this 1,000 piece collection provides an in-depth look at the sociology and mindset carried over from our recent past. You can choose to put them on display or wear them to start up a conversation about a cause once supported. Discover new things about each era through the clever display of slogans and eye-catching artwork. This unique collection is one of the largest of its kind with a guarantee to make a lasting impression.  


Coretta Scott King Autograph Photo , Coretta Scott King


Talk about accomplishments. Coretta Scott King was an astounding author, activist and civil rights leader. Her equal rights work is known worldwide for its powerful message. It was also a well-known fact how much Coretta loved to sing, as music often found its way into her work. This memorable photograph of Mrs. King was taken alongside her husband Martin Luther King Jr. as they marched for the cause. A rare autographed copy of this epic event makes a great centerpiece for any collector as well as anyone interested in the 1960’s era. 


John F. Kennedy Autographed Photo


America’s 35th President and an accomplished Harvard grad, this framed photo of John F. Kennedy is in pristine condition. Hailing from one of the most politically active families in the U.S. to date, Kennedy was as humble as a man can be. Seen as an attractive iconic symbol throughout most of his life, he still managed to devote his time and diligence to helping others. He truly embodied the essence of a kind and just individual. 

The 57th Assault Helicopter Company, whom the photo was autographed to, was an equally amazing entity. Being a large provider for personal and equipment in the Vietnam War gives this single original photo such a rich story. History lovers everywhere would travel far and wide just for the chance to view this marvelous dedication to American history.  


Rosa Parks Autograph Photo , Coretta scott King Sign


Any history buff would be proud to boast ownership of this exemplary picture. Rosa Parks serves as a lifelong reminder of how the simplest actions can change the course of history. It is never to late to stand up for what we believe in. Ms. Parks, an activist working for the same cause as Coretta Scott King, took a stand for social minorities of the time when she refused to give up her seat on a Montgomery Bus line. This produced a domino effect to boycott the bus line and the rest is history. Who wouldn’t relish the chance to own a piece of such an important turning point in time. This photograph of Rosa being fingerprinted for disorderly conduct is signed by both of the women in question making this item truly a unique find. In good condition and ready to be displayed at a gallery or as part of a personal collection. 




Money isn’t just for saving or spending, it is often a favorite among collectors as well. But not just any coin can make the cut. The American half dollar was one of the first types of coinage to pass into production in the U.S. The capped bust design was first created by John Reich who was once an indentured servant but over the years it has seen many variations. With an estimated value of anywhere from $50 to $7,000 for mints, this 1030’s lady liberty coin is a truly treasured find. Coin collectors, as well as history enthusiasts, would leap at the chance to own such a delicate piece of American’s past.    


Even though it is the largest coin in circulation today, it can still be difficult to put coinage on display.  However, using specialized folding boards, protectors, or custom made glass cases can really help viewers get an up-close look without risking damage to the metal.  

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