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Benefits of a Custom Drain Basin

Rain gathering into pools in your yard can wreak havoc on your lawn. The more it rains; the more water will pile up and create larger pools. When rain water is standing in your yard and has no where to go, it can kill the grass beneath it and even attract mosquitoes. It’s in your best interest to get rid of puddles of water after rainfall as soon as you can.

How can you accomplish this if the pool of water is in the middle of your yard, away from any drainage systems? Through the use of a drain basin or catch basin, you can prevent the pooling of water, and keep your lawn happy and healthy, even after the largest rainstorms. Rainfall will gather in the typical spot in your yard, but the drain basin will provide a way for that water to disperse.

Finding the right drain basin for your yard can be simple. Remember, it’s all about your yard, so your drain basin doesn’t have to be a generalized one. Customizing your drain basin will provide you ample protection from pools of water destroying your lawn. It may take some math but figuring out what size catch basin you need can be done with a pencil and a napkin.

What is a Drain Basin?

A drain basin or catch basin in the simplest of terms, is a way to get rid of pools of water forming after rainfall. This means that any water that has gathered in your yard in a pool after it has rained will be dispersed and sent through an underground gutter system. Drain basins are little boxes that have a drain grate on the top of them for water to flow into from the surface.

They’re miniature manholes that specialize in draining water from your yard. Typically, you’ll attach a gutter system to them for the rainwater to move out of the basin and into an actual sewer system. Drain basins are a convenient way to protect your lawn from rain damage, and to get rid of any mosquito nesting pools. These basins aren’t usually that big, so fitting them to your needs will be necessary.

This is where custom drain basins come in handy. If your yard doesn’t collect too many puddles after a rainstorm, or you live in an area where rainfall is low, a general drain basin might be all you need. If your home is prone to heavy rain and storming, with rain pools gathering every time, you may wish to look into a custom drain basin.

How a Custom Drain Basin Can Help You

The benefits of a custom drain basin are great, especially if your yard is prone to pools of water after rain. As yards are always different, it makes sense that no drain basin will fit every yard, and some yards will require special aspects to be included in their drain basin. Some yards might collect wide pools of water that aren’t that deep. For these, your drain basin will need a wider grate, but a smaller outlet as the water won’t pile up as quickly.

Finding the perfect mix of basin size, grate capacity, and outlet size is made easy with the amount of companies who offer custom drain basins. You want rainwater to nourish your lawn and keep the grass healthy, but you don’t want to drown your yard. The perfect amount is achievable through a custom drain basin that will catch the excess rain but continue to allow rain to water your yard.

How to Choose the Right Fit

Each drain basin is accompanied by something known as a flow capacity table. These tables show the different types of grates that will fit into each drain basin, and the amount of rain these grates will let in. Each grate is different and will allow varying amounts of rainfall into the basin. Finding the perfect basin grate will allow you to control how much rain goes into each basin.

The flow capacity table also shows the different outlet types that will fit your basin. As with the grates, the outlets will each have a different outflow capacity. This means that you can control how much water at a time will exit your drain basin. Monitoring this will prevent rain from overflowing and clogging your drain basin, while also protecting the gutter system connected.

How do you know what your yard’s necessary flow capacity is? First, you have to calculate the amount of runoff in the area of the drain basin. This can be done rather easily by finding the gallons per minute (GPM) in this area. Next, you’ll need to find the table of the drain basin you want to install. By using the GPM you’ve calculated, you can now find the perfect grate and outlet for your custom drain basin. Note, the flow rates must be larger than the calculated runoff.

Nyloplast Drain Basins

One of the best custom drain basin companies out there is Nyloplast. They have drain basins of all sizes and for any type of use. Whether you need a small basin that collects from and disperses small puddles of water, or a large container to empty massive pools of rain, Nyloplast has the size for you. Their custom-building process allows you to mix and match grates, outlets, and basins to find the perfect combination for your yard.

Nyloplast offers an online basin creation software that makes building your perfect basin easier. Project support is always available, and you can call at any time for help on the construction of your drain basin. They will create the perfect basin based on your requirements and ship it out to you for an easy installation. Nyloplast is one of the best drain basin companies on the market and will make your order perfect for you. With Nyloplast, puddles of rainwater destroying your yard will no longer be an issue. Protect your yard with Nyloplast drain basins.

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