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Benefits of Organic Skincare Products

People are very aware of their health from the way they nourish their body with only healthy, whole, natural foods to the way they exercise and stay fit and strong. But are they keeping the chemicals off of their skin and only enriching it with organically-pure products? A great portion of the beauty items on the market are full of harmful toxins from the likes of parabens which have linking to cancer as well as formaldehyde and petroleum wax. A regular lotion that is used to moisten the skin can be quite the scary combination of chemicals. A skincare product that has been certified as organic has the ability to cleanse, exfoliate, tone, and moisturize without the use of any of these artificial additives or noxious ingredients. One of the best on the market is True Botanicals. First let’s discuss the benefits of organic skincare products.

Better For Your Health

The products that you put on your skin will eventually find their way into your body’s system. If you are going to lather soaps full of chemicals or lotions and creams on each area of your body, your body is going to absorb these ingredients. This means that the basic artificial toxins that are in most all of the traditional beauty items such as phthalates and parabens and the petroleum waxes and many other nasty toxins will seep into your system. The really bad thing about this is that a majority of these chemicals that are in the products have never even been tested so it isn’t known what types of health issues they could potentially cause or are causing or have caused.

USDA-certified organic beauty items are only able to include ingredients that are organic and meet the same standards for growth that organic food must meet meaning that there are to be no ingredients that have been grown around any type of chemical pesticides or any fertilizers.

No Synthetic Fragrances

A ‘fragrance’ label on a container is going to be a sure sign that bottle contains a massive amount of toxins. It is a ‘trade secret’ that the FDA has no requirements for companies to have to disclose what types of ingredients they use for their fragrances no matter what number of different variations make up that fragrance.  This is despite the fact that many basic ingredients for fragrances will involve toxins that have linking to cancer and other dangerous health risks.

As far as the skin is concerned, a lot of these fragrances with the unknown ingredients can cause irritants and trigger allergens for people. Having these unspecified toxins on your skin can mess with the natural pH level. If your skin is not feeling just right, it could be the product that you’ve put on it.

On organic skincare products, there will be no label that has the word ‘fragrance’ as long as it is actually USDA-certified. These labels will each list individually all of the ingredients that are included to create the fragrance. That ingredient may be an essential oil or potentially an extract, but you will know precisely how the product arrived at its scent.

Organic Skincare Works Better

USDA-Certified Organic skincare products simply work better as they are being made with only the best ingredients. It’s just like with organic food. You’re not using artificial flavors or anything that’s fake or processed. It’s most likely going to have only the purest, simplest and freshest of ingredients in the bottle. You’ll know what each ingredient actually is. These better, whole ingredients will mean that you have better results for your skin and your body. Those people who have much more sensitive skin are going to benefit particularly from an organic product probably more so than anyone else as these products are not going to agitate or make their skin worse in any way.

Good For The Environment

While using organic products, you help minimize your impact on the environment. There’ll be no harmful toxins going into the drain and you can make sure to use packaging that has been deemed biodegradable or recyclable.

True Botanicals

True Botanicals is simply among the very best Made Safe Certified beauty line products on the market and it is one of the first to become Made Safe Certified. A new certification which was done by third party testing to ensure that the nasty toxins do not get into their products.

The company was started by Hillary Peterson who was an extensive user of luxury skincare, toxic products for which she also paid extensively. She became diagnosed with thyroid cancer and this is what made her decide that changes needed to come. She researched with chemists for eight years on botanicals along with sustainability experts prior to creating this product. She wanted her products to not only consist of effective formulas but also the ones that are completely clean.

None of her products have a strong scent to them, they simply smell fresh and ‘real’ and they are all clinically tested which is a rarity in the skincare industry so the results that you receive from each product are proven. The bottles are all glass, no plastic, so eco friendly. As opposed to a water base, for instance, in the mist products there is a base of green or white tea. In virtually every product, you will receive antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging benefits to your skin.

This line is a favorite among consumers and growing in popularity every day as a serious performer in the skincare line. If you’re looking to have clean skincare with the best possible results, True Botanicals is the answer.


By using Made Safe Certified products such as True Botanicals, that are full of the critical nutrients for your skin as well as the essential antioxidants, you will help to nourish it and it will begin to repair itself. As opposed to over drying or stripping the natural balance of the skin with the toxins that come in traditional products, organic skincare items will work in harmony with your skin and in turn your body.

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