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Top 5 Custom Gaming PC Builders

The gaming world has advanced to new heights, surpassing any mark anyone ever thought possible. We’ve turned from the era of Pacman and Galactica, to a world of League of Legends, Dota, and Fortnite. Even the noncompetitive gamers are in need of bulkier systems that can handle their transition into the PC community.

There are many comprehensive guides that can teach any gamer how to build his own custom gaming PC step by step. However, even with these guides, building a PC can be difficult and time-consuming. For most, finding the right parts can be a tricky task as well. That’s why there are companies out there who offer to build your custom gaming PC for you. But which custom gaming PC builder is the best for you?

The Best Gaming PC Builders
#1 – BLD by NZXT
#2 – Digital Storm
#3 – CyberPower PC
#4 – iBuyPower
#5 – Origin

What to look for in a gaming PC builder

A few things to consider when selecting your builder are cost, warranty, customization, and service. You don’t want to ruin yourself financially over one PC build leaving you with a low-end mouse and no games to play, but you also don’t want a lack of options when putting your personal stamp on your hardware.

Most of these companies listed offer decent services when it comes to warranty – 3-years labor, 1-year parts seems to be the average. You also must consider the customer service. PC building companies offer an array of personal interactions during the building process. Some people prefer a one-conversation-and-done style interaction; others would like to have a say in most of the decisions. Through compiling this list, we have considered all of the above-mentioned topics and present to you, our top 5 custom gaming PC builders.

The Best Gaming PC Builders

#1 – BLD by NZXT

BLD Gaming PCs

BLD is the youngest option on this list being founded in 2017. NZXT, the company where BLD comes from, however, was founded in 2004 and has made quite a name for themselves. They have become a giant in the PC industry and their latest project, BLD, has turned some heads.

BLD’s PC building process is different from most as they start the building process with a questionnaire. Through this questionnaire, BLD helps the user find the best array of customization that fit their gaming needs. They offer a cheap $99 service fee which will not change with additional customization and 48-hour shipping promise. You could even receive the PC the same day with an additional $200 fee.

What makes BLD the best custom PC builder in the game is their emphasis on customization. Most companies offer you base models with the option of upgrading and customizing, but BLD takes you straight to the questionnaire. They want to give you a computer fit for you at a price that is highly accessible. NZXT established a name in the PC industry and BLD is establishing a trust.

Link to BLD

#2 – Digital Storm

Digital Storm Gaming PCs

Digital Storm might not have as many options on the market as some of its competitors, but they do have the broadest price range. Their lowest base model goes for about $699 with extensive upgrades available and their highest model offered is over $3,000. The warranties they offer are better than most companies – 3 years with the option to extend to 6 years.

Digital Storm’s builds pack power into their systems and offer a broad range of customization options for their more high-end builds. They provide a lifetime tech support option which helps keep the user at ease to know someone is there most days to help service their PC. Digital Storm’s customization options are on par with the rest of the list, but their company has built a name for themselves with their quality and service.


Link to Digital Storm

#3 – CyberPower PC

CyberPower PCs

One of the oldest companies on the list, CyberPower PC has made a name for itself in the industry and has earned the trust of gamers for over two decades. They offer one of the most extensive lists of base models available for customization in both desktops and laptops. Their warranty plan shows their confidence in their build as it offers a 3-year labor warranty and a lifetime tech support. This tech support plan separates CyberPower PC from their competitors and builds the customer’s confidence that they’re protected.

CyberPower PC also has some of the cheapest base models on the market, but their builds can still stand tall amongst the crowd. A solid option when looking to buy both desktops and laptops.

Link to CyberPower PC

#4 – iBuyPower

iBuyPower Gaming Computers

iBuyPower offers a unique customization option through their Easy Builder tool on their website. The Easy Builder allows iBuyPower to decide what PC is best for you based on the games you play. This allows users who are less tech savvy to understand better what they’re buying. iBuyPower offers your basic 1-3-year warranty but you can purchase an extended warranty by contacting them.

They provide customization options on cases, RGB lighting, CPUs, GPUs, etc. Their models seem to be similarly priced with CyberPower PCs prices and offer you similar ability when it comes to usage. iBuyPower has geared most of their efforts towards those who understand more about the tech aspect of building a PC and have made their strength in that market.

Link to iBuyPower

#5 – Origin

Origin PCs for Gamers

Origin offers the customer a 1-3-year warranty option. Whatever warranty fits your situation best, you can choose it. They also offer a 30-day money back guarantee which could be useful for this high-end console company. Origin’s custom builds are based off their four pre-made models which can be altered to the buyer’s liking. These four builds – Chronos, Neuron, Millenium, and Genesis – can all be changed both inside and out.

If you want a custom paint job or to swap a processor, Origin will do it for you. They are a higher end company and their cheapest PC is upwards of $1,300 so if you’re on a budget, Origin might not be for you. Lower monthly payments are available to help the payment process, and they have the PC power to back their pricing.

Link to Origin

Picking the Best Custom Gaming PC Builder

If you are looking for the best custom gaming PC, any of the five PC builders listed here can provide you with a solid gaming rig. However, BLD from NZXT wins our hearts over by offering the fastest turnaround time and amazing bang for your buck. Their cool questionnaire makes it simple to determine which model will suit you best.

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