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Conquering Antiquated Cable TV With The  Advances of Streamlining Services

Cable still offers some viable options as far as great programs are concerned, but you no longer have to pay a fortune in order to watch them. You can choose to cut the cord. For many decades, cable television was pretty much the best and the only way that you could get quality television that was directed towards a more specialized viewing audience. But today that’s what the streaming services bring us. Cable in this day and age is becoming more of a dinosaur that will only drain our wallets with little to show for it.

Once you make the commitment to cart your cable box back to the cable company, you’ll have to find a way to funnel streaming content to your TV directly. Fortunately, this process is fairly simple and not very costly to do.

HD Antenna

An HD Antenna is going to give you the opportunity to watch live TV channels. It offers the easiest and least expensive solution for local broadcast stations such as news or sports. It isn’t going to assist in streaming at all, but it’s ideal for the local news that most people want access to. Most of the good HD Antennas will range at lower than $50 and there aren’t going to be any subscription costs. You simply hook it to the TV and place it near a window. Depending on your location and how far you are from the broadcast towers, you’ll begin to have free channels come in.

Streaming Devices

To take advantage of streaming services such as Streamable, you’ll need to be able to display it on your TV. A modern, current TV that’s from a major manufacturer may require nothing to get going, e.g. Smart TVs typically have the apps already built in, and pretty much any high-end TV made within the last couple years offers smart abilities.

If this isn’t available on your TV, it’s still not very difficult to set it up to stream and shouldn’t cost a lot. There are a multitude of streaming sticks, boxes, consoles, and other kinds of devices on the market to get your TV set. There will definitely be one to fit your particular budget and the preferences you have for streaming.

If you have a laptop, you have the option of plugging in your computer into the TV by way of HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI or VGA cable. Take the wireless mouse with the keyboard and you will have entry to basically any streaming music or video service you could want.

Once you have the correct device that you need, the only thing that you have left to do is decide the services that will give you the shows that you want to watch.


One system that everyone needs to be anticipating is Streamable. It is fairly new on the market. In addition to streaming, for those who are into video publishing, it makes this process super easy. It is fast, it’s simple, and best of all it is free. There is no sign-up required in order to upload or watch videos. It is good to create an account, though, in order to keep track of the various things that you have uploaded.

In order to post your Streamable video on your website, you can click on the embed button that you see under the video and paste that particular code into the CMS. Videos will come with a link unique to them that you will be able to share with whomever you choose. In order to upload your files, you click on the upload button or clip off of a supported site, Streamable will host, upload, stream, encode, video seamlessly onto all mobile devices or computers.

Monetizing your videos is possible as many publishers and enterprises often run their video advertising using Streamable’s various supported advertising formats.

Pretty much anything that resembles a video file can be uploaded via Streamable.  The only requirement is that you follow their recommended settings.

Why Use Streaming Services

Streaming services have become successful because they don’t do things the same. They are known for being less expensive and convenient and contract-free. They have offered us a different way in which to consume media and a relevant alternative to the cable monopoly. Every show you could ever want or need to watch is available by way of some type of streaming service. The movie options aren’t bad either, generally with a rotation of choices on all of the different services.

There are TV channels that will offer good, solid choices of movie offerings but you have to suffer through the many different ads and the selections are not always up to par.

The streaming of news, music, films, and TV continues to grow in popularity every day. But why use streaming services? What are the benefits?

When we stream the video or audio it is sent in a compressed form directly over the internet and is ready to play for us immediately as opposed to being saved for the hard drive. There is no waiting for it to download in order to play it.  As the media is being sent in a continuous ‘stream’ of content, it is ready to play when it comes in.

  • Most of the programming is immediate, ready to watch when you are.
  • The quality of the picture is perfect provided your internet is fast, 15 MBit/sec is suggested.
  • A majority are simple to setup and very user-friendly.
  • Simplistic download program and share with friends with a file-share network.

Downsides of Streaming Services

  • Will need high-speed internet.
  • Streaming uses a lot of data.
  • Not the ideal set up for individuals who may be technophobic or the elderly who just want to sit down and watch their program.
  • Without the internet, not possible.

Streaming saves you money on monthly rental fees for digital boxes. Cable is becoming extinct in favor of the new technologies of the streaming world.  People are enjoying being in control of their programming by streaming precisely what they want, when they want it.

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