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Essential Next Steps Following A Truck Wreck

It is necessary that passenger vehicles share the road with all of the 18-wheelers, big rig trucks, buses, and other huge vehicles on the freeway, within the city streets, and even in the parking lots. They are also forced to try to share the road with these smaller vehicles as well. We have a legal obligation to each other to make our travels cohesive and accommodating so that everything functions in harmony. The bigger vehicle drivers go through extensive training and obtain certificates to show that they are capable and committed to following the rules and laws of the road. When the rules get ignored or are overlooked or may be forgotten, disaster strikes.

Driver negligence is the leading cause for truck-related accidents. The steps that you take following an accident with a bus or semi or similar-type of vehicle are crucial. You need to give complete medical attention to those injuries that you sustain in the truck-accident, oftentimes while also attempting to pursue legal course of action against the truck company and their insurers.

Steps To Follow When You’ve Had An Accident Involving A Truck

  • Don’t leave the scene. Some states view leaving an accident as a hit-and-run. You need to remain there until medical and police authorities have come and only  move the car if you need to for safety purposes. The ideal is to leave it where it came to rest after the crash. This preserves evidence for the officers to determine the cause along with the damages and the injuries.
  • Large truck accidents often lead to severe injury and can involve fatalities. Safety is the top priority following the accident. If possible, 911 should be called immediately which will generally result in the dispatch of police to the scene.
  • Check other vehicles that may have been involved for possible injuries. A lot of times when large trucks are involved in crashes, there is more than one passenger car included. Take your needs into consideration first and foremost and then move on to the others.
  • Immediately following the accident, the crash scene is going to give the strongest opportunity to collect all of the vital evidence to show that you received harm at the hand of someone’s negligence. It will give you a position in which you have legal action you can take against that person for wrongdoing. If you are capable, you should take pictures, videos, and record some audio evidence. This would include all of the vehicles involved, the intersections as well as landmarks in the area, and visible skid marks. Record your audio or video account of the details as opposed to writing it down. You’ll be able to recount faster on recording. Details tend to change as memory fades and shock relieves. Lawsuits are very lengthy processes when memory has had time to diminish.
  • Be sure that you exchange all pertinent information with all of the other drivers involved including: 1) Name, 2) Phone, 3) Drivers license, 4) Plate number, 5) Insurance provider as well as agent name, 6) Policy ID number.
  • Even if you feel you could have had some type of responsibility for the accident, don’t make any kind of responsibility statement in the heat of the moment. Hold off on your statement until you’re in a calm place and can think about what you want to say.
  • Dealing with truck accident injuries means that you and those with you will need to care for your health. Go to all doctor visits and follow all medical advice. It’s important for you but also for the attorneys who are defending you. Not doing what is best for your injuries will backfire on your claim as to wrongdoing and could make it appear that you aren’t necessarily that hurt. Keep your medical records for any visits and payments which you can use with your evidence.
  • Truck Accident Lawyer. It is important that you have someone who understands and is able to fight the bigger insurance companies on your side. They will know how to deal with the carriers who often pour huge sums of funds into protecting their truckers. It is also imperative that you initiate a course of legal action as soon as you are able to in order to avoid the statute of limitations expiring and the evidence becoming foggy. With a plethora of lawyers on the market, how would you know where to turn in such a vulnerable position? There is one team who is set up specifically for large truck accidents, 1800 Truck Wreck.

1800 Truck Wreck

The truck wreck lawyers at 1800 Truck Wreck specialize in assisting their clients in obtaining successful outcomes with their truck wreck claims.  Their goal is to preserve the rights of victims who are involved in accidents with the large trucks and need assistance after the collision.

Anyone who has had injuries related to a truck accident, in need of a truck-related attorney, can call 1800 Truck Wreck and obtain a free evaluation of the case. These lawyers are boasted as having a very strong reputation for being unparalleled with their courtroom trial experience and have been routinely successful in working out fair settlements for their clients. They are incomparable in the knowledge that they have for handling the complexity of the semi-truck accident claims.

Obtaining this free case evaluation is a critical first step, as these cases come with a lot of varying complexities in trying to recoup compensation from the responsible parties in these types of cases for serious medical injuries up to the other damages sustained in the collision. Typically truck accidents of this sort are extremely serious and carry high chances of extensive property damage and bodily injury as compared to any other type of vehicle accident. Statistics indicate these types of accidents result in a higher number of fatalities.

1800 Truck Wreck has locations nationwide with staff who are bilingual for their clients convenience. There is a 24 hour/7 day per week helpline with the attorneys always ready to help everyone who has been injured in a collision involving a large truck and in need of a truck-related attorney. These are the attorneys that you want to see when you have the misfortune of this type of accident.

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