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The Farmer’s Dog – How This Team of Vets is Revolutionizing Personalized Meal Plans for Dogs

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Meal plans and subscription services for food delivery has been on the rise in recent years, but that doesn’t mean that dogs have to be excluded from the services. The convenience and healthy options available to humans are now provided to pets through The Farmer’s Dog, an online pet food company. All of the food offered through The Farmer’s Dog is made fresh and includes real, whole foods to boost the health and vitality of dogs.

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What is NoSQL?

NoSQL which stands for “Not Only SQL” database is a type of database design which unlike its counterpart SQL doesn’t need a carefully constructed schema (organization of the data) to run data through. Both SQL and NoSQL are used for applications and programs. SQL is a rigid and practical database which helps organize data in a more constructed fashion. Because of the limitations faced with SQL, NoSQL was developed which can process much more data at a faster rate and greater flexibility, but is not as organized as SQL. NoSQL is also not as consistent as SQL when it comes to data.

With NoSQL being less rigid, you can store data in different ways. Four common ways to store data are Document Databases, Key-Value Stores, Wide Column Stores and Graph Databases.

A document database inserts data and forms it into “documents” where the information can range from integers to strings of text. You do not need to be specific about what each document contains.

Key-Value stores allow you to access values including integers or documents in a database using keys.

In Wide Column Stores, data is grouped into columns instead of rows (which is done in SQL). You can group any number of columns for queries or viewing data.

In graph databases, data is shown as a network or graph of information and the relation to one another, with each node in the graph being its own group of data.

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Top 5 Tactical Subscription Boxes

Preparing for outdoor adventures and survival situations can be a tedious task taking tons of hours of prep, gathering and research. When it comes to being ready and able to survive in intense scenarios you can never be too prepared with must-have tools, new survival technologies, and know-how. Ultimately, you want to be sure that you have quality gear that is going to work for you when you need it the most.

With tactical subscription boxes, you can learn about new gear and be sent essential survival equipment to add to your gear collection every month. Expert survivalists and outdoor enthusiasts have put these boxes together with the mission of connecting you to a huge variety of products that can be tailored to your needs and interests. Tactical subscription boxes can also make very useful and thoughtful gifts for people who enjoy the outdoors. Continue reading to learn about the top five tactical subscription boxes available.

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Top Farmhouse Sinks of 2019

The kitchen sink is where you wash your vegetables, your dirty hands after making cookies, the dishes you used to feed your family, and as such an important element in your house it should be both extremely functional and aesthetically pleasing to provide you with an ideal experience from day to day. It seems like a basic part of everyday life, but since we spend so much time using the kitchen sink, the little things can add up either in a good or bad direction. Farmhouse sinks have become increasingly popular in 2019 due to their functionality, size, and aesthetic charm. These large sinks provide plenty of space for food preparation, dish washing, and have even been used to bathe babies and wash clothing. Below you can find a list of the top farmhouse sinks of this year.

When you are deciding on a sink, there are a few elements that are important to consider. One of the most important is ergonomics. Farmhouse sinks have the advantage of being much easier on your back as they are set into the counter in such a way that you do not have to lean over any rim or countertop to get to the tap and basin. You also have to consider how big you want the sink to be, and whether you are looking for a single or double bowl. Farmhouse sinks can come with either a single basin or a double bowl, and are generally large and deep. Because they are so large, be sure to choose your sink before ordering cabinets so that you can account for the larger sink in your measurements. Another element to consider is the material and appearance that you are looking for. Farmhouse sinks come in many varieties and color options, including porcelain or clay, copper, stainless steel, concrete, soap stone, and cast iron.

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Pollution Removal Treatments

One issue we are facing as a collective is pollution of our waterways and oceans. While water treatment centers do their best to handle the amount of polluted water, some pollution still gets through to us. Humans have ingested more plastics in the past decade than in all of human history. This is due to micro plastics in the waterways that feed into our drinking water systems. Trash islands exist and are floating out in the middle of the ocean.

Combating this water pollution has definitely become popular through reusable straw initiatives and the elimination of single-use plastics. States have begun to ban Styrofoam, and grocery stores are rewarding people who supply their own shopping bags. Despite all of these efforts, the pollution in our waterways continues to be an issue. Some companies have resorted to attacking the problem on the final front: removing waste directly from the water itself.

These tactics can be difficult to do as each system of water has its own movement and current making them hard to predict. Standing in the water picking up garbage just isn’t feasible as it takes too much time, and only gets the waste large enough to see with the human eye. Microplastics, phosphorus, dissolved metals – this will all remain. Efforts to create pollution removal treatments have been enacted by certain companies and are beginning to make a difference.

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Top 5 Custom Gaming PC Builders

The gaming world has advanced to new heights, surpassing any mark anyone ever thought possible. We’ve turned from the era of Pacman and Galactica, to a world of League of Legends, Dota, and Fortnite. Even the noncompetitive gamers are in need of bulkier systems that can handle their transition into the PC community.

There are many comprehensive guides that can teach any gamer how to build his own custom gaming PC step by step. However, even with these guides, building a PC can be difficult and time-consuming. For most, finding the right parts can be a tricky task as well. That’s why there are companies out there who offer to build your custom gaming PC for you. But which custom gaming PC builder is the best for you?

The Best Gaming PC Builders
#1 – BLD by NZXT
#2 – Digital Storm
#3 – CyberPower PC
#4 – iBuyPower
#5 – Origin

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What Is QSBS And What Founders Should Know About It

A QSBS is a stock or share from a qualified small business, which is defined by the IRC (Internal Revenue Code). To qualify as a small business, they need to have an active C Corporation and when priced at the original cost their assets do not exceed 50 million dollars when you buy the stock or immediately after purchase.

Any stock purchased from a (QSB) qualified small business after August 10, 1993 is considered a QSBS. However, there are certain qualifications that must be met in able to claim the tax benefits of  a QSBS.

  • The one investing cannot be a corporation.
  • The stock must be purchased through the original seller, not a secondary seller.
  • The stock must be bought with cash, money or used as payment for a performed service.
  • The person investing must hold the stock for at a minimum of five years.
  • 80% or more of the corporation’s assets that the stock was purchased from has to be used in its operations of one or more qualified businesses or trades.

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Benefits of Pantheon WebOps

Pantheon is a leading global website operations platform (WebOps) for Drupal and WordPress. Their goal is to build the best WebOps platform available that allows marketing and development teams to have full flexibility, access to, and control over their websites. Pantheon provides “hosting plus agile workflows, website operations tools, and dependable security features” as outlined on their own website.

What is WebOps?

WebOps is a way of managing website, IT, and marketing operations that is often associated with the larger movement of DevOps. DevOps, or development and operations, refers to a collaborative operation environment where development engineers and operations engineers work together as they create their products in order to increase the speed and efficiency of their process and increase production capabilities for their company. DevOps and WebOps are complex ideas in technology infrastructure development and IT, and their definitions and purposes are commonly disputed.

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5 Best CBD Dog Treats 2019 (Reviews)

People aren’t the only ones who treat chronic pain or emotional distress with CBD – CBD dog treats are gaining in popularity! CBD dog treats can ease several conditions your pup may suffer from either occasionally or chronically, such as anxiety and stress, moderate to severe pain, chronic inflammation, arthritis and joint pain, seizures, and digestion problems.

What is CBD?

CBD is extracted from the flowers and buds of cannabis, usually hemp plants in this case. However, CBD doesn’t produce the “high” associated with marijuana because it doesn’t contain the chemical tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which animals are extremely sensitive to and should be avoided.

Top CBD Dog Treats

#1 – Honest Paws Roasted Peanut Butter Calming Bites
#2 – MediPets CBD Pet Treats
#3 – Healthy Hemp Pet CannaNatural
#4 – Pharma Hemp Complex CBD Oil Bacon Dog Biscuits
#5 – Hempure CBD Pet Chews

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Five Myths About ED Treatments

Let’s talk about sex, baby!

Specifically, when sex goes wrong.

On movies and TV shows, sex is portrayed as seamless and effortless. Everyone has watched the scene: a few passionate kisses lead to clothes flying off and then moments later, boom, the couple is making sweet, sweet love under the tender glow of moonlight. But the truth is that sometimes, sex can be a little bit more complicated — and awkward — than that. Occasionally, for example, men simply can’t get it up. Though this situation can be pretty embarrassing, erectile dysfunction is anything but rare. In fact, it affects men of all ages. So why aren’t more men talking about it?

Unfortunately, men face a stigma around openly discussing health issues. According to one survey, 53% of men are unwilling to talk about their health. That same survey found 42% of men only discuss their health when it’s a “close call.” Since there’s such a stigma around men health issues, there are a lot of myths about erectile dysfunction and people turn to alternative sources. It’s very possible to fall down a deep, dark rabbit hole of the internet and spend hours upon hours feeling hopeless as you read every single forum post about ED. Read more »

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