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These days, pet owners are more mindful of their pets health and monitor them for symptoms of illness. There is superior veterinary care and preventative care being provided to our pets. It is critical that you pay attention to whom you select as your pet’s healthcare provider the same as you would for your own healthcare needs. The vet you choose will likely take care of any issues they face during their lifetime.

When choosing your pet’s vet, think about what would be important in a general practitioner such as the location, payment options, office hours, and the number of medical services that they are able to provide. Most pet owners are going to find the kindness and commitment of the staff and the doctors as the most pertinent factor.  The ultimate goal should then be finding a vet who you feel is going to be able to meet whatever your pet’s needs may come to be and a person that you and your pet feel comfortable being around in order to develop a long-term relationship.

The vet that you select is going to be responsible for your pet’s ongoing medical history to include their health records which will give details such as preventative care that has been provided. This will show the vaccines that they have received, medications, heartworm results, pet weight, along with any surgical procedures or illnesses that have come along. They will advise you on the best preventative path to take as your pet goes throughout the aging process based on their needs and any types of risks for disease.

Searching For a Vet

If you have friends who are pet owners, these are the perfect sources to recommend a good veterinarian. They will be able to let you know the reasons why they chose their vet and you can compare their reasoning for choosing their doctor with your expectations. It would also be a good idea to schedule a visit to the facility to review it for yourself.

If you happen to have a purebred pet, local breed clubs as well as rescues will provide good resources for information. They are often involved in a good relationship with a practice who has a strong understanding of the possible health issues that may burden the particular breed.

It is important that you go by personal reference, word-of-mouth, by people who are actually receiving service from a particular vet as opposed to reading blind reviews on a website. Personal references are much more reliable in your search for good care and treatment of your pet. If you find that you’re relocating to another state or maybe another city, find out from your current vet if they can recommend someone where you will be going. There are oftentimes that they have colleagues in other areas with similar policies and services to their own.

When You Should Search For A Vet

The ideal time to begin looking for a veterinarian is prior to the time that you bring home a pet. Veterinarians are a good resource in actually assisting to choose pets for families that will complement the personalities, the expectations, lifestyle, and work routine.

If you are relocating, make sure that you find a new vet prior to your pet actually requiring the services. You shouldn’t wait until the pet has an illness or needs emergency services. It’s ideal to have the name of a doctor as well as their number when illness hits. You should have already become acquainted with the facility and the other staff members prior to needing any kind of servicing. Schedule a visit with them as soon as you arrive in your new location without your pet in order to meet everyone and check out how they operate. The new doctor will have ideas on how you can get your pet used to the new surroundings and can advise you of health risks that may be directly related to the new area.

When you are looking for a vet, schedule the initial visit with a few different ones to give yourself an opportunity to make an informed decision as far as your pet, the various services they offer, fees and payment options.

What To Consider When You Tour A Vet Facility

Each pet owner is going to have a variety of different requirements when it comes to what they expect from a vet for their pet. Not all of the same considerations will apply to every pet’s owner as may apply in your unique situation. Things to keep in mind include:


  • Do they accommodate your schedule?
  • Can email or electronic appointments be made-if that is something that is easier for your situation?
  • Who will cover for the vet in their absence?
  • Will the office cover emergencies after hours or will they send pets to an outside emergency clinic?
  • How long before you are able to get in for a non-emergency appointment?


  • Are the phone calls answered by an actual staff member?
  • Can a pet owner request a particular veterinarian?
  • Is the staff professional at all times including in their attire?
  • You need to be sure that you feel comfortable speaking with the vet and the techs.
  • It is important to make sure that the pet is comfortable with the staff and doctors.


  • The methods of payment need to meet your criteria.
  • If you carry pet insurance or are considering taking pet insurance, make sure that the vet’s office takes your plan.
  • Do they offer any type of payment plans or financial assistance if you come to need that in an emergent-type of situation?


  • It is important to find out if the vet office provides all of the various specialties that your pet is going to require throughout the various stages of their life as this is a relationship that you want your pet to be able to maintain for their lifespan. Or do they refer to an outside network of specialists?
  • If you are seeing this vet for one particular pet, e.g. a dog, and then you decide to get an exotic pet, will they be set up for that type of pet as well?
  • Does this vet provide educational material for the pet owners on the varying health issues pertaining to their pets?


  • Is the practice clean and organized with no unpleasant odors and will they allow tours throughout the whole facility?


  • Do they provide non-medical services including things such as grooming, boarding, training or provide dog-related products such as high quality dog gear like dog toys, sweaters, leashes?

The very best products you will find to treat your dog will be found on This service provides anything from delivering dog food to your house to grooming and hygiene. You are able to specify your particular breed of dog and what stage of life they are in to get the products that are specifically tailored to your dog. There is no place like it if you want to find top-of-the-line products for the optimal care and contentment of your pet.


It is imperative to make sure that the vets are members of a professional association, e.g. the American Veterinary Medical Association as well as their local or state veterinary association. You should also find out if the practice encourages continuing education among the professional staff.

Veterinarians care about pet owners as much as they care about the pets they are tending to. They are there to provide you with the proper resources and tools necessary to be able to take the best care possible of your pet. Feeling confident in your selection of the right vet will ensure that the pets medical needs are met and your needs as the owner will be taken care of. It will be a mutually rewarding relationship.

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