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The Farmer’s Dog – How This Team of Vets is Revolutionizing Personalized Meal Plans for Dogs

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Meal plans and subscription services for food delivery has been on the rise in recent years, but that doesn’t mean that dogs have to be excluded from the services. The convenience and healthy options available to humans are now provided to pets through The Farmer’s Dog, an online pet food company. All of the food offered through The Farmer’s Dog is made fresh and includes real, whole foods to boost the health and vitality of dogs.

How It Works

Pet owners can now get rid of their guilt when serving factory-made kibble to providing delicious, nutritious options that dogs can’t get enough of. The dog can begin to have a fresh diet that can improve their health and offers many benefits. All of the food is shipped within days of being prepared and is delivered directly to the pet owner’s door on a schedule that can be customized and adjusted at any time. The meal plans can even be delivered nationwide. 

The first order even includes a simple guide on the best way to use the food. All of the meals are also pre-portioned and customized to the specific plan of the subscriber to prevent too much food from arriving, which can lead to spoiling.

Unlike other dog food brands on the market, the meal plans available through The Farmer’s Dog are never frozen, and it never sits on a shelf. It’s easy to cut open the packaging and pour in seconds without creating a mess. Once the box of meals is opened, the food should be refrigerated to maintain freshness due to the lack of preservatives.

Quality Matters

Humans aren’t the only ones who should get the chance to eat healthily. Now dogs can dig into flavorful food options that include quality ingredients with human-grade meat and vegetables. All of the recipes are simple and are created for dogs while prepared in USDA kitchens. Nutritionists contributed to each recipe, which is vet-approved and exceeds industry standards for dogs. Everything is gently cooked at low temperatures to preserve the nutrients and are quickly frozen for safe shipping. 

The Farmer’s Dog is the first company in the pet industry to provide personalized meal plans to dogs with food without containing preservatives, brown pellets, powders like chicken meal, and misleading labels. Pet owners can have peace of mind knowing exactly what they’re feeding their dog to ensure the animal is healthier. 

Why Choose The Farmer’s Dog

Although pet owners can prepare their own doggie meals at home, 95 percent of online recipes lack crucial nutrients and vitamins for dogs. Preparing your own meals can lead to nutrient deficiencies and health ailments over time. Customers report that the personalized meal plans from The Famer’s Dog allow their dog to have fewer vet visits, increased vitality, clear skin, healthy coat, and less odor. Dogs also enjoy the variety of recipes that are available, which accommodate even the pickiest of pets.  Now you can try The Farmer’s Dog for 50% off the normal price by following this link.


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