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The Top Three Best Body Shops Narrowed Down To One

The National Transportation Statistics show upwards of 6 million vehicle-related accidents per year. With all of the varying damages numerous auto body services and collision stations are waiting to fix them. Being a vehicle owner, there is likelihood that you will need repairs whether it be related to rust or corrosion, storm damage, harsh sunlight, acid rain, or a vehicle accident. It is critical when you’re looking for the best body shops to be able to research for an auto body service facility just as thoroughly as you would for any other business that will take care of one of your valuable assets.

A lot of people are under the misconception that the insurance carrier will take care of everything when they are involved in an auto accident. It is typically the vehicle owner who is able to decide who will repair the vehicle.

Factors to Consider When Picking the Best Body Shop

  • You should consider developing a relationship with an auto body shop at some point as opposed to waiting until you desperately need one and have to make a decision in a state of panic.
  • Word-of-mouth is still the best reference for most any service even in this day and age. Ask friends or coworkers for suggestions.
  • Check with the Better Business Bureau regarding complaints and how they were taken care of as well as the overall reputation of the business.
  • Go to the auto body shop to see for yourself how the business is operated.
  • Find out how long they’ve been in business and if they work on your type of vehicle.
  • A lot of vehicle manufacturers have suggested repair processes and specific equipment to do the work for their cars. Make sure the shop is up on these technologies.
  • Is the staff professional/courteous/knowledgeable?
  • Look for trade school diplomas or certificates from additional coursework, training from I-Car — this is a national standard for a technician’s competence which is issued by the National Institute for the Automotive Service of Excellence or ASE.

You should always pick the top three of the best body shops to obtain quotes from and make your ultimate decision from there.

Best Body Shops

Once you’re able to break your search down to the top three, then you can narrow down the search by separating the criteria. These are three in the Columbus, Ohio vicinity.

Three C Body Shop

Three C Body Shop began its operation as a 2-person family-owned business starting in 1956 in a 1200 square foot shop. Bob Juniper bought the business from his dad in 1984 at which point it was bringing in $100,000 worth of sales. During 2001 which was the height for the company, it was bringing in 13 million. Jade, daughter, has joined in on the business at this point which has undergone numerous expansions to the point where it is now situated on a 13-acre lot.  Three C offers a mission statement, ‘To improve all aspects of collision repair, including quality, production efficiency, safety, public image, and intervening with insurance companies on our clients’ behalf in order to best meet the needs of our customers.’

Accredited with the BBB since 01/26/2018 with an A+ rating  — 23 complaints in the last three years with 12 closed in the last 12 months  — with 5 * rating overall out of 236 consumers


The reviews for Three C Auto Body provided on the Better Business Bureau site were overwhelmingly positive. All felt that their cars were very well tended to. Three C kept their clients informed at every stage of repair as to what was the right thing for their vehicles. Everyone was extremely pleased with all the attention and care that every member of the staff provided. There was the utmost in professionalism, awesome workmanship. They all would highly recommended this body shop for not only excellent work but superior  customer service. No one would hesitate to take their car to them again.

Collision One Body Shop

Collision One has been serving its customers since 1979. All of their technicians have been trained in advanced collision repairing for mechanical, complex structural, and body damages, The repair service offered for their clients also includes paint-less removal of dents, replacement of windshields, as well as towing services. They have been in receipt of the Super Service award for Angie’s List for 11 times.

Accredited with the BBB since 07/01/2014 with an A+ rating  — 1 complaints in the last three years with 0 closed in the last 12 months  — with No * rating overall out of 0 consumers on the Better Business Bureau Reviews


There were no reviews for Collision One Body Shop done on the Better Business Bureau Site. On they were rated at 4.7 * / 5* out of 67 consumers.   The customers of Collision one were very happy with the communication which was clear throughout the process of their cars being repaired. The staff was courteous from the technicians through to the customer service and the work was done above and beyond what was called for. Repairs were done timely and everyone would recommend them again as well as use them again.

Mowery’s Collision

Mowery’s Collision offers professional paint and auto body repair to the clients that they service. They provide both minor as well as major repairs for any type of make or model of vehicle. In addition to their collision repair servicing, Mowery Collision Technicians do frame measures/straightening along with after-accident painting. They were founded in 1981 and are a certified member of NAPA’s Car Care.

Accredited with the BBB since 12/17/2002 with an A+ rating  — 0 complaints in the last three years with 0 closed in the last 12 months  — with No 4* rating overall out of 3 consumers on the Better Business Bureau Reviews.


With only 3 reviews on the Better Business Bureau site we looked for something more substantial to go by. The only site that offered more reviews was Google’s Review Summary which offered 50 reviews with a 4.4 * / 5 *.  These reviews were mixed for Mowery.  There were many people who were not at all pleased. Several had received their vehicles back with more damage than they had prior to going in for repairs. Some experienced the auto body shop having their cars for weeks but never looking at the problems only to take money from insurance without fixing what had happened. One left with chipped paint in process. There were customers who experienced rude customer service and a few who warned not to go there. Then there were a mix of people who were very happy and felt that they were extremely thorough and fast in fixing their vehicles, who would definitely go there again and recommend them. One indicated the auto body service ‘takes a bad experience of a car accident and make it an enjoyable one’.


The obvious winner out of these three auto body repair services is hands down Three C Auto Body.  They have decades more experience, training, and knowledge in auto body than their competitors with sales multiplied tenfold over the years to where they’re now on a large campus meaning their customers are loyal and keep coming back. They had nothing but positive reviews at 5 / 5 *  and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. They are family owned and operated which means that they know how to take care of their customers from the servicing department on to customer support.  Word-of-mouth from each consumer was that they are highly recommended and that they would each return as well. In this day and age, word-of-mouth is still solid.

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