Fifteen to one

I’ve been collecting coffee/water ratios and experimenting on my own and I’ve decided that fifteen parts of water to one part of coffee is just about right for me, using a plain pour over method.  Coffee recipes — that is, the proportion of coffee to water — are best expressed in weight not volume.

Here’s the data, all in grams:

water coffee ratio
390 24 16.3
400 25 16.0
311 21 14.8
350 24 14.6
500 36 13.9


That averages out to 1:15.1, so here’s a table with water volumes in the first column and three strengths, yielding grams of coffee at the intersection:

bolder ideal lighter
300 21 20 19
350 25 23 22
400 29 27 25
450 32 30 28
500 36 33 31


You effectively need about 400 grams of water for a 12 oz. cup of coffee.  My wife and I split 500 grams in the morning, although at the 14:1 ratio.

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  1. Hi,

    That sounds great. Seems to me that what you’re really trying to measure, or get to understand, is the total dissolved solids in the coffee, which is frequently abbreviated as TDS. There are a number of TDS meters available commercially, and I think it would be interesting to see what your TDS experiments say about the relationship between weight of water vs weight of coffee grounds.

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