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Here I am!

No, I haven’t left town – at least not yet! I didn’t have the chance to update that I was on vacation last week. It was a wonderful vacation. What did I do? Nothing! Oh, no, sorry. What did I do? I lounged on the couch for the majority of it! As I said, it was a wonderful vacation!

I returned to the office on Monday and things have been completely chaotic since I got here. There was a change in administrative support while I was gone so our other support person left on Tuesday and the new person won’t start until 11/28. I’m looking forward to having this new person come on board however, it’s going to make for some hectic days ahead with the training and all. Please cross your fingers and toes that this person is as good as she interviewed!

I am happy to report that I did make progress with my digital camera while I was away. I finally hooked it up to my computer and, low and behold, iPhoto automatically opened and all I had to do was import the pictures (just as one of my techie friends had predicted!). Technology really is a beautiful thing – I should learn more about it! Of course, now I have to figure out how to get said photos out of iPhoto and onto my blog or make them email-able but come on now, one thing at a time – I don’t want to overwhelm this non-technical brain with too much at once!

I am really, really, really glad that it is Friday. I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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