Thank Your Fairy Blog Mother Day 2006

I must admit that I never knew there was such a thing as “Fairy Blog
Mother Day” however, I have been enlightened to the fact that yes, in
fact there is such a day and yes, in fact “Fairy Blog Mother Day 2006”
happens to be today, February 6th!  So to my Fairy Blog mother, I
say a happy day to you and thanks so much for introducing me to this
fun technology and also for helping me over the bumps in the road that
I’ve come across now and then!  Of course, my half dozen or so
readers thank you also!  (Click on the title to learn who my Fair
Blog Mother is!)

On another note, has anyone else noticed how quickly weekends seem to
pass these days?  I barely blink and it’s back to work!  I
had a wonderful weekend – both hubby and I found the motivation that
we’d been lacking through these winter months.  Maybe it’s the
fact that it felt more like April than February out there.  I
actually started my spring cleaning and the paint/paint brush found
their way out of the storage room as well!  We hung some pictures
that had been put aside in storage whilst the painting was going on –
my house is really looking like a good old fashioned, lived-in house

And…  I LOVE MY DESK!  Did I tell you that I LOVE MY NEW DESK
I found a lamp online that I think I’m going to like and yesterday I
went to the store so I could actually SEE it  but they did not
have it on the floor.  However, I did buy two new frames (I’ve
gotten a couple cute kitty shots that I’ll post here soon) for the
desk, which match the drawer handles nicely and I bought file
folders!  Course, the folders are hanging in the drawer and what
needs to be put in them still sits in a heap in the other drawer but,
come on!  One step at a time here!

And….  I ALMOST think I’m ready to make the jump to joining the
rest of the world in shopping online!  Yes, I am one of the few
that have held back from doing so (please see side bar!)  I’ve
refrained from doing so all this time mostly because I am absolutely,
positively petrified of identity theft!  However, with recent
“errors” (I won’t say names) that you hear on the news of people having
their credit information found out WITHOUT the involvement of internet
shopping, I guess that maybe, just maybe, I’m ready to make that jump!

Of course, the other reason I’ve refrained from doing so is that it is just to darn convenient
You see, I’m not a big shopper.  I have no patience for shopping
and I enter stores only when I absolutely, positively have to! 
So, can you just envision my credit card balance going up and my
checking account balance going down?

I don’t know.  I just don’t know if I’m ready for that yet.  Time will tell….

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9 Responses to “Thank Your Fairy Blog Mother Day 2006”

  1. Ben Says:

    You are reminding me how much we need to hang pictures in our new place, it really does hae that big payoff for litt effort.

    And hey, happy fairy blog mother, Molly!

  2. Mary Says:

    It’s amazing the difference a few pictures can make!

    If memory serves me, you could almost call Nathan your fairy blog mother (no one said it had to be a girl!) because I believe you started the log when he became a part of your lives???

  3. Molly Says:

    What a wonderful surprise to be someones fairy blog mother! Mary, I am sending you to the ball tonight, dressed in satin and frills, and you will dance with your wonderful hubby, surrounded by beautiful lamps that fit your decor perfectly, and your kitty cats will scamper happily around your dancing feet. I am now waving my magic wand! Shazzam!!!

    But… remember you must by home by midnight….

  4. Sue Says:

    Hey! I don’t know u, but u guys seem pretty cool! I am still young enough to live with my parents but time passes. It is strange how fast summer breaks go by. I have 3 more weeks. Well look for my blog. It’s life of a dead fairy. Sounds weird I know!

  5. DM Says:

    My weekends pass by so fast they seem not to exist. I think what we all need is a national movement to a 3 day weekend!

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