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What if?

I find myself asking this question of myself a lot lately.  Maybe it’s the winter doldrums, I don’t know. 

I think my first “What if?” question goes back to meeting Brian.  “What if?” my best friend at the time and his best friend at the time were not dating?  Would we have ever met?  Probably not.

“What if?” we didn’t marry?  Would I be as happy as I am today?  Probably not.

“What if?” my dad didn’t insist we not buy that converted cottage in Wilmington for our first house.

“What if”? he didn’t find our first home for us (at a price we could afford) in Melrose.  Would we still have the wonderful circle of friends that we have today?  Probably not.  Would we have ever met our amazing neighbors, Jack and Marie?  Probably not.

And “What if?” we didn’t meet Jack and Marie?  Would I be working where I am now?  Probably not.  After all, Jack is the one that pushed me to interview here (Thanks, Jack!)

Then, the biggest “What if?” of them all?  “What if?” I were to leave this earth tomorrow?  Maybe it’s some hormonal thing going on (or, again, just those winter blues) but after having had yet another wonderful weekend with my husband and friends, I found myself telling Brian “If I were to die tomorrow, I want you to know that I would die a very happy person!” 

Fortunately, today is a beautiful and sunny day (48 degrees – woohoo!), Spring is officially with us and hopefully, hopefully, hopefully this will be the year where it doesn’t snow after mom and dad get home!   I’m ready for April showers, May flowers and happy days under that beautiful sunshine!

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