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Frisbee, anyone?

Our neighbor across the street was telling Brian a funny story yesterday. 

Our house is a split entry so there’s like a 9 foot picture window at ground level and Frosty likes to sit in said window (okay, how guilty do I feel driving away and leaving him there in the morning???).  Anyway….

I guess the other day the neighbor was in the street playing frisbee with her two young children and as they threw the frisbee back and forth to each other, Frosty would  run back and forth across the window sill chasing it from the inside!  The three of them were in hysterics!

I can only imagine that, in his crazy little head, this game would be a derivative of the “chase the shadow” game that him and I play.  Since Frosty is deaf, his eyesight seems to be especially keen and he loves to chase shadows!  Well, on the back wall of the lower level of the house, there is also about a 6″ sill and we play this little game where I run back and forth along the wall and he chases my shadow back and forth!  It is the funniest thing and I’m still not quite sure if he realizes it’s my shadow he’s chasing or if he just thinks mommy’s a crazy lady that likes to run back and forth along this wall.  (I know, after reading this you ALL think I’m a crazy lady for running back and forth along this wall but he’s just so darn cute, I can’t help it!)

Ahhh, what we do for our little creatures….

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