Sad news but then happy news

I tried to post this earlier in the week but it was too difficult but I think I can handle it now.  It seems that my baby girl, Sneakers, has taken the final journey to kitty heaven.  She slept with us as usual Friday evening and went out, as usual, Saturday morning and sadly, she has not been seen since.  We worked in the yard all day Saturday and it was very unusual that we did not see her at all.  I brought her food box out on the deck and shook it knowing that that would make her come running but she did not.  Later, I walked the neighborhood looking for her but all I found was a “mess” that she’d left on the wall along the driveway.  I sincerely believe that that was her way of saying “It’s okay, mama and papa and Frosty, I’m tired now and need to go!”

Frosty misses her terribly – much as he tormented her – he truly did love her.  On Monday morning, he awoke us at 4:30 as he was up on the kitchen counter (no, he doesn’t belong there but hey, he’s deaf!  He doesn’t listen!) with his paws on the window looking out at the deck where she’d normally be waiting to come in and was meowing at the top of his lungs!   I’m honestly wondering now if he didn’t sense something was wrong with her because the obnoxious meowing at obnoxious hours of the morning has suddenly stopped!  He’s doing better, though, starting to play and eat like his usual self again.  And, yes, if you’re wondering, we will get him a new playmate at some point!

Now for the good news – my brother and his wife found at yesterday that they’ve been granted custody of 7 year old boy!!!  They’ve been married for 16/17 years and have been unable to have children of their own.  They’d attempted adopting through the department of social services and have more times than once had their hopes raised only for something to happen so that things did not work out.

They finally reached a point where they decided that it was just not meant to be when, out of the blue, they got a call a few weeks ago from their social worker that she thought they had the perfect situation for them.  Keeping a long story short – they’ve met him several times and they’ve hit it off wonderfully!  The courts had to decide between giving them custody or giving custody to an uncle (who has a criminal history and doesn’t even know the boy).  Well, after 1-1/2 weeks of waiting, they finally got the call yesterday and the judge granted them custody!   They are very excited and I can’t wait to meet him!

Yes, it’s been a very emotional week.  I’m really glad that it was a short one and it’s Friday already!

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  1. stacy Says:

    Oh, Mary, I’m so sorry to hear about Sneakers. It’s probably a good thing that it seems to have happened naturally and that you didn’t have to make that terrible decision and go to the vet. Although I wonder if you need some sort of closure.

    Congratulations to your brother and sister-in-law!