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We had Verizon FiOS brought into the new house and I must say that we are very happy with it! I finally got my new iMac hooked up over the weekend and you’d think I’d accessed the internet for the first time! I just had dial up at the old house, as I don’t use the computer at home very often, but high speed came with the bundle and it really is awesome!

The bundle also includes unlimited local and long distance calling and close to 300 channels on the TVs. I know, who needs close to 300 channels? We’ve really been enjoying it, though, because we’re not ones to sit in front of a television for any length of time so don’t tend to rent/watch a lot of movies but I’ll tell ya, when you wake up on a Saturday/Sunday morning and want to lounge for a bit, it’s nice to have them right there waiting for you! And, did I mention watching the Red Sox on the high def big screen? All I can say is – WOW!

I’m still on cloud nine when it comes to the new house. We spend our time after work tinkering around in the yard (well, I tinker – Brian’s pulling up and straightening out patio blocks, cutting down trees, digging out old tree trunks and what have you). Then we relax on the deck listening to crickets and the neighbors waterfall and it really is like being in heaven!

I can also happily report that my commute continues to be tolerable. I can handle the extra 15 minutes or so that it has added. It’s amazing to me, though, how we can all be driving in the same direction on the highway and be doing 50 mph one minute and then everything slows down to a crawl then you’re back up to 50 mph and there was nothing going on that would justify the slow down?!?!?!

So, to rap it up, life is good over here! Hope that’s true for all of you, too!

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