Duck, duck, goose

Look what I (well, okay, Frosty) found hanging out in my front yard this morning:


I’m told that the duck on the sidewalk is a male. Squatting in the background by the bushes, is a female (which can’t be seen in this photo). I’m wondering (hoping?!?!?!) that maybe there are eggs involved and maybe we’ll have baby ducks soon.

Hubby is supposed to rake out the lawn when he gets home today and I have given him strict instructions to be very careful around this area, just in case!

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2 Responses to “Duck, duck, goose”

  1. molly Says:

    What a hoot! A duck just standing there on the sidewalk, pigeon-toed and unruffled.

    You sure don’t live in Somerville. There are no ducks around here.

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