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Overheard conversation between two World War II Veterans

I overheard this conversation between two World War II Veterans (whom I am fortunate to be able to call my friends) the other day:

Bob: Gee, Tim, I didn’t see you at the Veteran’s breakfast the other day.
Tim: No, Bob. I couldn’t make it. You know, by the time I get the wife up, fed, change her diaper (whispered, with his hand in front of his month) and dressed, I can’t make it in time for breakfast.
Bob: Oh, okay, that’s too bad.
Tim: No, really, its okay. She took care of me for many, many years so really, I don’t mind at all.
Bob: It is what it is and we must do what we must do.

Then they both sat back and finished up their Budweisers, which each of them will tell you has kept them going all these years! I’m a lucky person to have such good friends. I’m also pretty damn lucky to have a wonderful husband. I hope the day doesn’t come that he has to get me up, fed, do that “dirty deed” and get me dressed but I have a funny feeling that if it came to that, he would do the same for me. Then he’d go have a nice cold Coor’s Light…

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