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Let there be dust

Okay, so… the television and table lamp have arrived for the living room so, with the exception of a few decorations that I’ll eventually get, the living room is done! Am I excited??? Oh, yeah, just a bit! That was a project beyond projects and finally, the dust has settled.

Oh, wait… did I say the dust has settled??? Who am I kidding??? The dust can only settle if no one is stripping wallpaper, mudding and sanding walls. Which means they would have to be doing something like… sitting still. And my husband is not capable of sitting still. So…. onto the next project. The kitchen! Our goal is to get a new kitchen (cabinets, floor, appliances, etc) next winter but hubby has already started stripping the wallpaper and will apply a coat of primer in preparation for the big work that will be done next year.

It will look great and I really am happy that I have a husband that is able and willing to do such wonderful things around the house but really, I just wanted a dust-free house for a little while. Was that too much to ask???

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