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Do you ever go through your electronic photo album and ask yourself “why did I take that picture?” I usually take pictures because I want to create memories or there’s something I want to share with my web-friends (read: you!)

Well, I just stumbled across these and I have NO idea why I took the pictures:


That would be the “great room” addition off the back of the house. This is more of a side shot where you can also see the deck:


And since we’re viewing my “I have no idea why I took this” pictures, here’s the patio that hubby put together which is under that room:


They’re all great spaces. I actually sat in the great room and had my tea the other day because it was so beautiful with the snow falling. The covered patio allows a place to sit outside in the warm weather, even if it is raining!

Yet, I still have no idea why I took those photos.

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