Its me! Frosty!

So, my humanz seem to think that youz guyz are interested in stuff other than me and I’m afraid you’z losing interest because they’z posting silly stuff about shoez and our house and stuff so I decided I’d better step in here before youz all find some other place to hang out!

So, those humanz of mine? They’z pretty cool, really! They’z always giving me these soft, cuddly places to sleep (which is my absolutely-positively-most-favorite-thing-in-the-world, except when they’z trying to sleep!) so this is where I’z been hanging out theze dayz:


That’z the new chair they put in our living room!

Okay I iz awake, now!


I iz is all rested and ready to watch Animal Planet. Must change the channel:


Uh ohz! I don’t have thumbz! Could ya stops over and help me out?!?!?!

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