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So the medicine cabinets that we ordered for the bathroom that were going to take two weeks to get here have arrived – a few weeks late, but they’ve arrived!

The ones that were in the bathroom were ugly, ugly, ugly (yes, those lights are gone, too!):

I’m very excited about getting these because we’ve sort of put the bathroom project on hold waiting. I was anxious to see how they would match the vanity that’s already there:

We really like the vanity and this was only supposed to be a “quickie” until we gut the entire bathroom someday but we were having a really hard time finding inexpensive medicine cabinets that would match AND fit. In fact, all the “warehouse box stores” only carry a natural-looking wood, black and white so we ended up ordering these through a kitchen and bath store which, needless to say, cost us a small fortune.

We’re actually changing the bathroom so there will only be two mirrors – our contractor comes tomorrow. Needless to say, this “quickie” is going to be there a lot longer than originally planned but I’m excited!!!!!

I’ll post after pics when all is said and done!

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