Addressing Legal Needs for Open Technology Fund Projects

The Cyberlaw Clinic is pleased to be included on the inaugural list of law school clinics making legal services available to projects funded by Radio Free Asia‘s Open Technology Fund.

RFA created the Fund in 2012.  RFA describes its mission and the mission of OTF as follows:

Open Technology Fund is a Radio Free Asia program created in 2012. RFA’s mission is to provide accurate and timely information to the people of Asia who lack adequate protections for freedom of expression, free speech, and a free press. In a 21st century society, creating and protecting these freedoms requires technology tools that enable the exercise of human rights within repressive societies . . . .

RFA created the Open Technology Fund (OTF), a program that utilizes public funds to support Internet freedom projects. We support projects that develop open and accessible technologies promoting human rights and open societies. We strive to advance inclusive and safe access to global communication networks.

The Clinic, along with the University of California Hastings Startup Legal Garage and Brooklyn Law School’s Brooklyn Law Incubator & Policy Clinic will field inquiries from OTF-funded projects about a range of legal questions relevant to mission-oriented startups.

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