Internet Monitor: Reflections on the Digital World

INTERNET MONITOR: Reflections on the Digital World | December 16, 2014 | Clinical Instructor Vivek Krishnamurthy, Clinical Fellow Andy Sellars, and Managing Director Chris Bavitz contributed to the Internet Monitor’s second annual report, “Reflections on the Digital World,” a collection of essays addressing developments in the digitally networked environment. Andy’s piece explores the elements of existing copyright law that allow the government to replicate parts of SOPA, despite its despite in Congress, and the resultant harms to free speech. In “ABC v. Aereo, Innovation, and the Cloud,” Chris analyzes the logic behind the Supreme Court decision, and how it might impact a variety of services that operate remotely, as well as  innovation in the space.  Vivek comments on a trend in Western countries to expand their jurisdiction extra-territorially through the internet and the potential ripple effects for human rights.

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