A compelling lesson on learning

I just finished watching the Tuesday lecture video. It strikes me that these classes are, at least to me, like classical literature pieces. You need re-visit and re-read paragraphs in order to find each time a deeper meaning. The 9/19 lecture was definitely one of those.
“How you deal with being stupid is the key to how you learn”, says Prof. Nesson.

In a world spinning on how fast we think, how fast we react, how fast our business decisions are, Prof. Nesson reminds us that “it’s not how fast you get it, it’s not speed that counts. It’s [about] how deeply you understand…how deeply you come to understand [concepts] and how courageously you come to apply [them] in the situations that you live with in your life”.
On another note, I’m looking forward to the first Extension School meeting in Second Life tonight. This first one will be private in order to allow students to mingle and get comfortable in the environment. Please check out our flickr site for pictures later on and our Google groups page for future open events with Rebecca, Gene, and myself.


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