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Google Search Update Rolling Out Now – August 10th

Google Search Update Rolling Out Now – August 10th: It looks like there is a big Google search ranking algorithm rolling out now, on August 10th. This is not a confirmed update by Google, at least not yet. But the chatter since 2pm ET today has been really high within the SEO community. The rank checking tools have not yet updated, but I suspect the tools will show something tomorrow.

Google Search Update Rolling Out Now – August 10th

UPDATE at 11:55pm ET: Google has told me this was a glitch, a bug, and it should be resolved. There are more details and examples of this being a bug and being fixed over here.

To be honest, this reminds me of the old days of when Google would release Penguin or Panda updates. The chatter in the time period is off the scales. Either this is a massive Google search bug or Google pushed out something serious with its ranking algorithm in search.

This started maybe around 2pm ET but after 5pm ET SEOs began to really notice. Normally with Google updates, it takes time to fully roll out and more and more of you will take notice unless Google reverts something.

The comments on my post about this past weekend’s update is now rumbling with comments about today.

Big Google search ranking algorithm update just touched down (not confirmed and super early)

it is too soon to look at the rank checking tools

Again, it is too soon to look at the rank checking tools but something big is going on.

Google has not confirmed any changes, yet. It might be a bug or it might be a new Google search ranking release or maybe something else.

I’ll keep watching things overnight and if I see anything new, I will report back in the morning.

Hope you are all seeing positive signs.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld and Black Hat World.

Update: Here is John’s tweet about the bug

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  1. yup..
    my web still on the right place hehehe..
    still not understand about google update this month, my friends ask me, why his web disappear from first page, and now several marketplace/ e-comerse web stay on first page..
    i still looking for the answer about it …

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