August 5, 2007

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I’m in Baltimore for about a week, enjoying good times with family. And with the city. In spite of all the publicity by Poe, Mencken, Levinson, Waters, and a pile of fine sports teams, Baltimore remains one of the most overlooked cities in the world — a singular center of shipping, education, industry, medicine, science, history, government, art, sports fanaticism and other signs of advanced civilization. All those virtues make for fun exploration, too. Which I’ve done every time I’ve come here.

Of course, I’ve shot pictures. Click on the one above (from Fort McHenry) for all 244 shots I’ve tagged “Baltimore”. In addition to photosets here, here and here, it includes shots from the sky — such as this one, taken at night from high overhead on a flight from Los Angeles to Boston.

Sometime in the last couple of days I was at a hospital (don’t worry) that offered free wi-fi. Like many free wi-fi services, it required saying yes to something on a “welcome” page before allowing me to move along to the page my browser had requested.Now I’m elsewhere, but the page — Google — won’t come up. Instead the browser substitutes this URL:… . I can edit the URL to remove all but the google part, but the browser automatically fills in the rest of the unwanted text.

How do I get rid of that? Anybody know? The browser is Firefox