Old look, new feel


  1. Petar Vasić’s avatar


    The blockquotes could be a little darker, but I don’t mind, I’m reading it via RSS anyway…

    Now, if you could add the COinS metadata plugin, it would make quoting, and saving you a lot easier…

  2. Frank Paynter’s avatar

    Whew. Good to have a sense that this is really “The Doc Searls Weblog.” The Berkman crimson and gold felt wrong somehow. I’m welcoming back the “Colonel Sanders” banner!

  3. JTH (Chip)’s avatar


    Just out out of a longish meeting (investments)
    Some commentary on Yum Brands and it was noted that KFC is very very popular in China (I recall KFC at the Great Wall in ’93)

    So the irony of poppin on your blog and “Colonel Sanders” …

    Looks good
    Nice clean layout, but the banner is “comfy” for older readers


  4. Terry Heaton’s avatar

    Colonel Sanders should be so lucky.

  5. alan herrell - the head lemur’s avatar

    ah branding! have danny change the content column to be 600 px wide to get clean photos, so it doesn’t overlap the side column.

    like here:

    ya that red thing wasn’t you

  6. Gary Secondino’s avatar

    Doc, update the picture. But that’s a small nit, I’m here for your words and great photos.



  7. Tim Walker’s avatar

    A little more color contrast would be nice, but other than that — feels like home!

  8. Damien Riley’s avatar

    Nice header. I personally prefer the extended width since I have a wide screen LCD. It’s pretty easy to change in the CSS. Just my humble request.

  9. Hanan Cohen’s avatar

    Nice. And the text is readable now.

    The name of the banner is “doc_banner.png” which caused Adblock on Firefox to block it. I had to open the blog on IE in order to realize what the problem was.

    Another name should be chosen.

  10. Leading’s avatar

    It looks wonderful!

  11. Craig Burton’s avatar

    At last, Doc’s RSS feed makes sense. I love it. It looks great Doc!

  12. madame l.’s avatar

    Now that’s what I was talking about. That’s what you and me was talking about.

    The French Man will be pleased. I owe you a bucket.

  13. David N Wallace - Lifekludger’s avatar

    Hey Doc. From an accessibility/readability standpoint you might wanna look into better contrast on the Headings in the sidebar. The light green is a bit light. And the date on the post gets lost. No hassle for me as I (sofar) have ok eyes and sually read the RSS….which, really, in itself is a great accessibility solution right there.

    Oh, the “Subscribe to comments” plugin to allow email notifications when you leave a comment on wordpress would be good too.

    Fells like home with the ole Colonel banner.



  14. lakelady’s avatar

    pullin up a comfy chair and sippin on a cuppa tea cause now this place is startin to feel like home again 🙂

  15. GTTerry’s avatar

    I absolutely love the colors and contrast on the banner. The layout has the typical vertical scroll issue pushing everything down south of the page, but it works just fine.

    Very nice work.


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