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    Hmmm. I guess Susan doesn’t like your blog. When I click on her name in your post to go to her post you are pointing to, I get this message in my browser:

    access from has been denied

    I can’t post a comment to her blog about it without doing some sort of registration, and I’m not going to take the tme to do that. Mentioning it here isn’t ideal, but maybe better than not mentioning it at all.

  2. Doc Searls’s avatar

    Indeed, that is a problem. I just sent a note to Susan. Thanks!


  3. Susan Crawford’s avatar

    Help! I need to move away from Blogware and to a WordPress blog that doesn’t have all these registration and trackback issues. But I’ve got 1001 posts and I don’t want to lose my past. Any advice?


  4. Mike Warot’s avatar

    Yeah… I just got done typing in about the same thing there… then it asked for a username/password pair… ugh!



  5. Kristine Lowe’s avatar

    Susan: I’m told it’s not that difficult to move your blog to WordPress. Someone could fix it for you. Not enough of a techie myself, it might be possible to do yourself, but I know you could hire a guy like Leo to do this for you without spending a fortune on it:

  6. Susan Crawford’s avatar

    Hi guys, I’m hiring someone right now to do the migration. So soon you’ll see me through a new, friendlier interface. thanks a million.

  7. Susan Crawford’s avatar

    Here’s the new blog location:

    thanks for the encouragement!


  8. Susan Crawford’s avatar

    and I’ll tie this to my new location!

  9. Leo Plaw’s avatar

    Hello Doc. Thanks for the plug. 8)


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